Frequently Asked Questions

Employer FAQ

Does Sirvo offer subscription options?

Yes, we have several subscription packages to accommodate businesses of all sizes. All packages include unlimited job posts and all business features. To learn more about pricing, click here.

How can I activate a subscription plan?

To initiate a subscription, first, create a business page if you have not done so already and add payment information by going to Page Settings from the left-side menu and toggling the Billing tab. Then simply message us from inside the app by clicking on the black question mark icon on the bottom right of the screen or at [email protected] and we’ll take care of the rest!

What if I have jobs published?

Any currently published jobs will carry over and have the same billing date as your new subscription plan.

Will I get charged if I edit or archive my job?

No, you will not get charged again if you want to edit and republish a current listing. So edit away! You will however be charged to republish an archived listing even if there is time remaining in the 30 day post.

Why was I re-charged for a job post?

If you happened to be re-charged for a job post it’s because job listings will automatically renew after 30 days, unless they are archived. If you no longer want a job to be posted, then archive it! However, note that re-publishing an archived job (even within 30 days of payment) is the same cost as publishing a new job listing.

Where can I find my payment receipts?

Immediately after your card is charged, a receipt will be emailed to the billing email address. You can also find payment invoices by clicking on the job’s line in the billing history tab of your business page’s settings. To find out more about billing history click here.

If you are on a subscription plan, your invoices will not be displayed here. If you need another copy, email [email protected] with you request.

How can I turn notifications on/off?

You can turn off notification emails by logging into your Sirvo account and clicking on Page Settings located on the left side of the page. From there click on the Notifications tab at the top.

You can change your notification preferences by clicking or unclicking the box to the left of the particular setting. If you are the selected admin to notify for job posts, you will still receive notifications regarding these listings regardless of whether or not your preferences are set to off. To learn more about Applicant Notifications click here.

How can I edit my business’s location?

To edit your business location, go to the account tab in your business settings. Directions are available here. To add multiple locations, you’ll follow the same steps as creating a new company page. To find these directions click here. It is best practice to identify multiple locations using an identifier in the business name. Identifiers can be cities, states, neighborhoods, or streets.

How many locations can I have?

There is no limit on the number of locations or business pages you can have! We encourage you to utilize multiple pages because Sirvo has very flexible multi-admin settings that allow you to flawlessly manage more than one page. Jobs are also identified by the location of the page that’s posting, thus you want to have accurate location information. To learn more about adding multiple locations click here.

How many administrators can I have?

There is no limit on the number of admins associated with a business page or the number of business pages a single user can manage, so add as many admins as necessary and accept rights as needed. To learn more about inviting additional page admins click here.

How can I select another person to receive new applicant notifications?

Before you can select another person to receive new applicant notifications, they must be a page admin. Once they have accepted the invitation, their name will be visible in the Admin for Notifications drop-down menu at the bottom of the job form and can be selected.

For directions on inviting new admins, click here.

How do job seekers apply to jobs posted on Sirvo?

If you find a job you want to apply to on Sirvo simply click the orange Apply button located on the top and bottom of the job listing page. To learn more about applying for jobs click here.

How can I increase the number of applications I receive?

One great way to increase the number of applications you receive is to avoid posting job listings for ‘all positions’ or several positions at once. Instead, make your listings specific to each position for which you’re hiring. That said, there’s no need to post duplicate listings when filling more than one of the same position. This will also assure that you receive applications from candidates that are best qualified to fill your open positions. Find more job posting tips here.

How can I review new applications?

On Sirvo it is really easy to review new applications! Simply use the Application Tracking System (ATS). To learn more about Applicant Tracking System click here.

Do job seekers get notified if/when I move them from the ATS inbox to qualified or declined?

Nope, job seekers have absolutely no idea if you move them around in the applicant tracking system. This is just to present you with a more organized and streamlined view. To learn more about Applicant Tracking System click here.

How can I contact applicants?

You can contact job seekers two different ways by using QuickReply or Messaging. QuickReply allows you to reply to the new applicant immediately via email. Or you can communicate with applicants directly using Sirvo’s Messaging system. To learn more about contacting applicants click here.

How can I contact job seekers?

To message potential job seekers you can search for a particular job title under the candidate search tab. Click on their profile page and from there you can send them a message! To learn more messaging on Sirvo click here.

Job Seeker FAQ

How can I increase my chances of getting hired?

To increase your chances of getting hired, you should add information in your profile that can be searched. The candidate search page is an easy way for employers to source potential hires based on qualifications, experience, skills and more.

To ensure you won’t be missed, complete your profile with as much detail as possible! Be sure to complete the header section by uploading a profile image and adding a short bio as well as include dates, prior work responsibilities, skills and any relevant certifications in the following sections. Get directions on how to edit your profile click here.

Do I have to complete my profile to apply for jobs?

To apply for jobs, your profile must be completed with at least the information most relevant to the jobs you’re looking for, such as: recent and related work experience, dates of employment, education and specialized skills.

The reasoning behind this is that it helps employers quickly identify the top-priority qualifications. In addition, employers are able to search for candidates according to information provided in the profile, and reach out to those they think could be a good fit for their company/open positions. It’s our way of lightening the load on job seekers.

To learn more click here.

Can I upload my own resume?

Yes, of course! You can also upload your own resume as a pdf in the job application itself for a more comprehensive overview of your experience. For directions on how to upload your own resume click here.

How do I access an uploaded resume?

If you already uploaded a resume with a previous application it will automatically populate the next time you apply for a job. You can replace your old resume by simply uploading a new one here.

Can I cancel sent applications?

While job applications are still pending, you can cancel the application at any time and it will be removed.

Can I save jobs that I might want to apply to later?

You can save any job from the job listing by clicking the save button at the top and bottom of the page. By clicking save, you are adding that specific job to your shortlist of applications you might want to complete. Click here for directions on how to find jobs that you’ve saved.

I applied for a job but haven’t heard back, what should I do?

You can message employers through Sirvo by utilizing the Sirvo Messenger tool. To do so, go to their business page and click the send message link in the header section. You can also go straight to Messages from the left-side menu and create a new message from there.

How can I contact employers?

Employers can be contacted using Sirvo Messenger. Simply head to the search page to look up the company you wish to contact and click through to their profile. Then, click the message icon in the profile header to start the conversation. You can also look up companies directly in the TO field when creating a new message in Sirvo Messenger.