Applicant Notifications

Here you can edit your applicant notification settings and learn about quick reply!

Notification Emails

You can personalize your email notifications below. Your page’s settings are unique for each page admin; so choose whichever settings work best for you!

  • Click the box if you want to receive an email when there are updates on this page’s job applicants.
  • Click the box if you want to receive an email when someone sends you a message.

Remember to save your changes!

business settings - notifications


Quick Reply

When you receive a new application, you will be sent a new applicant email that includes the applicant’s name and email address as well as their Sirvo profile and custom question answer (if applicable). Applicants can also choose to include a cover letter and/or resume with their application, which will also be sent as attachments.

From the new applicant email, use QuickReply to contact applicants immediately by clicking reply button in you email inbox. This composes a reply directly to the applicant’s email address.

Turn off applicant notifications

You can turn off applicant notifications the same way you turned them on! Simply uncheck the box to the left of the notification you no longer want to receive.