Applying To Jobs

To apply for jobs, your resume must be completed with at least the information most relevant to the jobs you’re looking for, such as: recent and related work experience, dates of employment, education and specialized skills.

This helps employers quickly identify top-priority qualifications when reviewing applications and helps you get found by employers when they search for candidates.

You can also upload your resume as a pdf in the job application itself for a more comprehensive overview of your experience. See below for instructions.

Uploading a Resume:

You can upload a resume when you are applying to a job. Once you click apply you will be taken to a new page that prompts you to fill out any required information. This may be the inclusion of a cover letter or a question to answer at the bottom of the page. This is where you can upload your resume.

To include your own resume, click the choose file button at the bottom of the page to upload your resume (pdf files only).

Choosing a File:

Upload your resume

Upload Successful:

Resume upload succesful

Note: If you’ve already uploaded a resume during a previous application, it is still in our system. If you would like to send it, you’re all set! If not, just uncheck the radio button below the cover letter section. You can also upload a new resume at any time.

Choose a resume upload

At the very bottom of the page is another apply button. Clicking this orange button will finalize your application process and submit the application.

Viewing Sent and Saved Job Applications

To view job applications you’ve sent and job listings you’ve saved, click on Applications from the left-side menu.

In the Sent tab, you’ll see your submitted job applications. If the application has been reviewed by an employer, the status below the job title will say read, if not, it will say unread.

Sent applications:

Sent applications with status

In the Saved tab, you’ll see the job listings you’ve saved (unless the job has been archived). From here you can:

  1. Click on the position, taking you to details regarding the job listing.
  2. Click on the company name, taking you to the company’s page which has details about the company and a list of all its open job positions.
  3. Or remove the application, which effectively removes this job from your saved job pages.

Saved applications:

Saved job listings

Note: You can remove any saved jobs as well as submitted applications by clicking the Remove link at the bottom of the job card.