Applicant Tracking System

The applicant tracking system is a great way to keep the job applications you receive organized and a handy tool for screening candidates and honing in on the best possible hire. The ATS is automatically separated by job listing, so when a new application is submitted, it is directed to the designated inbox.

All users associated with a business page have access to its ATS, so whether hiring is done by expertise or as a team, it is always a collaborative effort in which any and all decision makers can participate.


Reviewing applications:

To review applications and manage candidates, go to the applicants page from the left-side menu. If you’d like to manage candidates for a specific job, click on the manage candidates link on the job card.

Each job listing has its own inbox to which applications are sent. All candidates who have not been selected as either qualified or declined are listed in the inbox. To review an application, click on the candidate’s name or on the view link.

applicants page


The candidate’s work experience, education, skills and interests can be found in the resume tab.

view applicant - resume header


Custom question responses and/or cover letters can be found in the application tab.

view applicant - application tab


If the candidate uploaded a separate resume you can view it under attachments link.

view applicant - attachments tab


Managing candidates:

After reviewing an application, designate the candidate as either qualified or declined by returning to the applicants page. Candidates will not be notified of any activity related to their status in the ATS.

Moving a candidate to qualified will move them from the inbox to the qualified tab, allowing you to keep track of potential hires. To contact qualified candidates, message them directly on Sirvo or email them by replying to the new applicant email sent to your email inbox.

ats - qualified


Moving a candidate to declined will move them from the inbox to the declined tab.

applicants - declined