Posting Jobs

Sirvo’s job publisher makes it easy to post new jobs, edit existing jobs and republish your archived jobs. If you manage multiple pages, before posting a job, make sure that you’re logged into the correct business page.


Paying for a job post

You’ll be prompted for payment immediately after completing the job listing, where you’ll be able to use a credit or debit card previously entered in your billing settings or a new card added directly on the payment page. If you have a promo code, enter it on this page. To be sure that it is valid, look for a success message just below the entry field.

We also offer subscription pricing options all of which include unlimited job posts and all features. To activate a subscription plan, simply message us in the app by clicking on the black question mark icon on the bottom right of your screen and we’ll get you set up. For more information about subscriptions, see our pricing page.


Auto-renewal and stop payment

Job listings will automatically renew after 30 days unless they are archived.

To ensure you are not charged for an additional 30-day listing, simply click the archive link at the bottom of the job card accessible from My Page or Jobs and confirm that you would like to archive by clicking yes. Click here for more detailed directions.

Please note that re-publishing an archived job (even within 30 days of payment) is the same cost as publishing a new job listing. Feel free to edit published jobs at any time (free of charge).


Admin-specific job notifications

At the end of the job form, you can select a specific admin to receive new applicant notification emails. This way, page admins can opt out of general job-related emails in the notifications tab of the page settings, but still receive emails about specific jobs. For more information about inviting admins, click here.

If an admin chooses to keep their job notifications on, they will continue to receive notifications for all jobs. Please note that any billing and renewal notifications will continue to be delivered to the email address listed in the billing tab of the page settings.


Save as draft

If you don’t have time to finish the job listing or do not have payment information readily accessible, don’t worry. Just elect to save the job listing as a draft.


Job listing policy and best practices

Job listing policy

In order to provide a superior user experience, job listings must abide by the job posting policy set forth in Sirvo’s Terms of Use, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Job listings must only advertise a single job position. Advertising or promoting more than one open position per posting will result in additional fees. Click here for full details.
  • Job listings must contain sufficient detail to convey to other users, in a clear manner, the nature and requirements of the job opportunity.
  • Job listings may not promote discrimination, harassment or violence against any individual or group.
  • Job listings may not contain any URLs or links to third party websites nor ask users to email or otherwise inquire further with the job poster for additional details.

Job listing best practices

To engage high-quality candidates and take full advantage of Sirvo’s business features, including applicant tracking and job syndication on Indeed, follow the best practices below:

  • Include only one position in the post title. Do not list multiple positions, use generic terms, include additional details or symbols. This is required for syndication on Indeed.
  • Repeat the job title within the body of the job listing. This can help your listing rank higher in search results, especially on
  • Do not request job seekers to apply by alternate methods, including website or email. Applications are submitted directly on Sirvo and automatically forwarded to the employer’s email address. This is required for syndication on Indeed.
  • Include the business location in the job listing by adding it to your company page. This can be managed from the account tab in company page settingsThis is required for syndication on Indeed.
  • Add links to your business website and social media accounts from the account tab in company page settings.
  • Upload profile and header photos to your company page by navigating to my page and clicking the upload icons in the header section.
  • Include a short description of your business by navigating to my page and clicking the pencil icon in the header section.

Posting A New Job Listing:

From your jobs page, click on ‘new listing’. This will direct you to the job publisher. Continue to add the following information:

  • Title: name of the position for which you’re hiring.
  • Introduction: details about your company (customer volume, workplace culture, company values) as well as a brief description about the position for which you’re hiring.
  • Type: select from full-time, part-time, or event/gig.

Job Listing – Part 1)

job listing - title, intro, type

  • Years of Experience: select the years of experience that the position requires.
  • Category: select the category that the position falls under (choose all applicable).
  • Availability: select the availability based on the work hours associated with the position.

Job Listing – Part 2)

job listing - experience, category, availability

  • Responsibilities: describe the duties and responsibilities associated with the position as well as the qualities desired.
  • Requirements: list the must-haves for the position such as certifications, language, etc.

Job Listing – Part 3)

job listing - responsibilities, requirements

  • Skills: list the specific skills qualified candidates should have to apply to the job.
  • Compensation: specify the wage per time period (hour, day, week, month, year) and if the position is tipped, or select DOE if you do not want to specify.
  • Benefits: list any company benefits that come with the job.

Job Listing – Part 4)

job listing - skills, comp, benefits

Custom question and admin for notifications

If you’d like to require candidates to answer a custom question when applying to the position, click yes to ‘Include a question in your application?’ If you opt out, candidates will still have the option to add a cover letter to their application.

Last but not least, select an admin to receive applicant notifications for this job. Admins that have job notifications turned on in the notifications tab of the page settings will also receive notifications.

Job Listing – Part 5)

Custom question and admin notification settings
When you’re finished, click next to move onto payment.

Paying for a Job Listing:

After completing the job listing, you will be directed to the billing page.

    • If you have already added payment information to your billing settings, the last 4 digits of the card will be displayed.
    • If you wish to change your saved payment information then click: Edit My Payment Method.
    • If you have not already added payment information enter the information here.


Billing page with payment information

job listing - payment w- card


Billing page without payment information

job listing - payment no CC


Promo Codes

If applicable, enter a promo code. If it has been successfully applied, the message ‘Successfully claimed,’ will be displayed above the input field. If it has not been successfully applied, the message, ‘We’re sorry, this promo code is not recognized. Please try again or continue to post job,’ will be shown above the input field.


Invalid promo code

job listing - payment invalid promo


Promo code successfully redeemed

job listing - payment promo successful


Click post job to complete the purchase.


How to Edit, Archive, Re-Publish, and Delete a Job Listing

Editing a job listing:

      1. From your jobs page, click Edit on the job you wish to change.
      2. Edit the form fields you want to change.
      3. Click save.

Jobs page

Archiving a job listing:

      1. From your jobs page, you’ll see a list of all your currently published jobs.
      2. Find the job you want to archive and click the archive link on the job card, then confirm by click yes.
      3. Your job has now been archived and you will no longer be charged for this post. It can also be republished at any time at the same price as a new job.

Archiving a job

jobs - published tab with archive confirm

Re-publishing a job listing:

      1. From your jobs page, click on the archived tab.
      2. Find the job you want to re-publish and click publish.
      3. You’ll be directed to the billing page, where you can use your previously saved credit or debit card or add a new card to be charged, as well as enter or redeem a promo code.

Republishing a job listing

Jobs - archived

Deleting an archived job listing:

      1. From your jobs page, click on the archived tab.
      2. Find the job you want to permanently delete.
      3. Click the delete link on the job card.

Deleting a job

Jobs - deleted