Saving A Job

Saving a job on Sirvo is easy! There are two different ways to save a job, either from the job listing or from the search page. You can access your saved jobs under the Applications tab. We will go over saving a job from the job listing first!

Saving a Job from Job Listing:

  • You can save any job from the job listing by clicking the save button at the top and bottom of the page.
  • By clicking save, you are adding that specific job to your shortlist of applications you might want to complete.


job details - top


job details- map


Saving a Job from Search:

Next to each job posting there are buttons to view or saved. You can also click save next to the job listing and the button will turn green when the job has been saved.

job search page w- saved job


Access Saved Jobs:

  • To find jobs that you have saved, go to your applications page and click on the saved tab (as opposed to sent). This will provide you a list of all your saved jobs and you can click on specific jobs to access them.
  • On this page, you can (A) click on a position, taking you to the job listing, (B) click on the company name, taking you to the company’s page (details about the company and a list of all its open job positions), or (C) remove the application (effectively removing this job from your saved job pages).

my applications - saved