When it comes time to interview for that next job, be ready to impress your future employer with not only stellar answers but also effective body language. With only a limited amount of time to prove yourself during the interview, it’s crucial that you use your body to convey your confidence and know-how. And here’s how.

Stay positive

Your body language follows your mind. If you’re thinking negative thoughts, your body will consciously create negative energy. Instead, stay positive inside your head, and your body language will respond with confidence.

Also, if your mind is thinking positive thoughts, you’re more likely to smile. When you smile, the room will glow, especially if the room has bad lighting.

Sit up straight

A third of all job hunters have bad posture. Practice sitting upright in a chair. Slouching interviewees look like insecure people who aren’t confident in their skills.

If you’re thinking negative thoughts, your body will consciously create negative energy.

Practice a firm handshake

Since first impressions are crucial within the first 10 seconds of meeting someone, your need to perfect the handshake. All good handshakes have between 60% and 75% pressure. Don’t go 100%, but don’t be lazy and give 50% effort. Find that Goldilocks medium, and you will do great!

Make reasonable eye contact

You don’t have to stare into your interviewer’s soul, but you should at least make some eye contact with your interviewer. If you need to look somewhere else when you’re talking, look up, not down. You don’t want to look down often because the top of your head is not what companies are looking for.

Reduce nervous ticks

These habits might include playing with your hair, biting your fingernails, or crossing your arms. Have a friend tell you (in a nice way) which of your habits they notice so you don’t repeat them during an interview.

Stay positive inside your head, and your body language will respond with confidence.

React to their body language

Do your research on the company to get a sense of their business. Once you’ve done your research, read their body language during the interview. If they look puzzled, elaborate on one of your answers.

If the interviewer gets excited or their eyes light up, give them a couple more details, then let them ask you more questions. This keeps them involved in you, which is your only goal at the interview.

Less is more

Talk less and gesture less. The more nervous you are, the more talkative you become. Go over your strong points and say less. This keeps the interviewer on their toes. You will notice quickly if they’re interested in you or not, and most of their interest is in your body language.

Calm down on style

You’re not applying for a famous designer. Your business-casual style shouldn’t stand out. Don’t go overboard, but don’t look like a slob. Stay in the middle when it comes to style. Force the interviewers to like you for your brain, not for your clothes.

Reading the body language of your interviewer keeps him or her involved in you, which should be your only goal at the interview.

Don’t stress too much about the results

If you’re nervous about the interview, it’s usually because you a) are not prepared or b) believe that this job will solve all of the life’s problems. After reading this guide, you will become prepared, so don’t worry about preparation. But if you think this job will solve all of your problems, remember that this is just one of many opportunities that will come your way.

When it comes down to it, the entire package, from speech to posture to movement, is analyzed during the interview. So, leave the nerves at the door, remember a few of these tips, and be yourself!

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