Proactive Hiring: The New Age of Recruitment in Hospitality

Proactive Hiring: The New Age of Recruitment in Hospitality

For hospitality employers, especially in restaurants and foodservice, the days of simply posting a job and receiving a large pool of talented applicants are over. In this competitive hiring market the need for another method of engaging job seekers is imminent. The time for active recruitment is here and this is how you can do it on Sirvo using the Search Candidates feature.

Why it’s Time to Recruit

So you’ve posted a job listing that has it all – it explains who you are and what your company represents and describes the available position and the qualifications necessary to fill the role, it’s basically the perfect job listing.

So now you should be able to just sit back and watch the candidates roll in right? Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

It can be confusing sometimes why some job listings receive several great candidates while similar posts by similar companies do not. Often times it is due to an over-saturated market.

So many businesses are hiring right now and looking for the same type of candidate to fill the same position that you are. Plus, with all of the new restaurants opening each week, job seekers have more than enough job opportunities from which to choose.

So what can you do to ensure that your positions are filled? Beyond marketing your company’s brand to job seekers, the answer is by actively recruiting industry professionals that you think would be successful in the role you’re looking to fill.

Utilizing Sirvo’s Search Candidates Feature

This tool not only allows you to engage with job seekers based on the qualifications you’re looking for but also, by doing so, you’re showing them that your company can give them exactly what they want in a job – feeling valuable.

Taking the time to identify a candidate’s talents and reach out to them directly is a sign that you care about the people that work for you and that’s a powerful incentive for job seekers.

Getting started is easy, just toggle the “Search Candidates” tab from the main search page and from there, you can scroll through our list of Sirvo users.

You can also search for those that match certain criteria by typing in a keyword such as job title or skill. For example, type “Line Cook” to find users who have that listed in their work experience.

To take a closer look at candidates, view their profiles by clicking on either the name or picture on the search page. User profiles include work experience, education, certifications and more so you can identify who you think may be a good fit for your company and available positions.

We suggest finding at least 5-10 users to reach out to. Remember that a lot of our users may not be currently seeking a position or may be content with their current employer. The good thing is that many are always looking for that next great opportunity or a second job to pay the ever-increasing rent.

Once you’ve selected some potential candidates, reach out by messaging them on Sirvo – simply click the send message link in the header section of the profile.

Don’t know what to say? Start by introducing yourself and your company and expressing your interest. From there, suggest a time to meet or ask them to apply for your job on Sirvo.

Start Your Search Today

Sure, this is a relatively new tactic when it comes to the hospitality industry, but it’s one that is widely used in almost every other industry out there and there’s a reason. Stop relying on job seekers to make the first move and go find who you are looking for!

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Sirvo Says: Where to Eat, Work & Live in Denver

Sirvo Says: Where to Eat, Work & Live in Denver

Whether you’re a native or just moved here recently, you are already aware that Denver is one of the best places to live! We are a rapidly growing city with more and more places to eat, work and enjoy your life! So much so, that it’s often hard to keep up with all of these new areas of town on the rise.

One of the fastest growing industries to work in is the hospitality industry, which makes so much sense considering Coloradans love working at places where they can have fun, and that affords them time to explore this majestic state. Below is our list of some neighborhoods and places that we absolutely adore!

Where to eat, work & live in Denver!

RiNo (River North)

denver best places to eat and live

RiNo is an obvious choice to highlight first. This has been Denver’s hippest neighborhood on the rise for the last two years. It’s where we go when we want to feel apart of the “now” in Denver. There is also the most recent announcement of a new music festival ground! This neighborhood just keeps getting better and better!!!

Where to Eat or Work:

AcornOne of the best restaurants in the city of Denver by Chef Steven Redzikowski and beverage extraordinaire Bryan Dayton. If you are interested in working at Acorn, check out their Sirvo page to see if they are hiring!

AmericatusRiNo’s premier neighborhood Italian eatery. Americatus may be hiring for open positions, check their Sirvo page here.

Comida Mexican Street Food at it’s finest! Also located at The Source, Denver’s premier artisan food market. Comida is not only a great place to eat but would also be an amazing place to work.

Los ChingonesTwo leveled neighborhood Mexican eatery by Chef Troy Guard. Go here to view all TAG Restaurant Group open positions.

Where to Live:

Cornerstone Apartments has two buildings in RiNo worth checking out, the newest is Link 35 coming in September!

LoHi (Lower Highlands)

denver best places to eat and live

LoHi is still one of the fastest growing neighborhoods/districts in Denver. While locals haven’t always been impressed with the “Lego” style architecture, it’s hard to deny the appeal to new and old Denver residents. This district is home to great food, art and events that seem to be happening all of the time! There is a reason that late on a Friday or Saturday night you see throngs of people walking back down 20th heading home. This is the place to be.

Where to Eat or Work:

Central Bistro & Bar – “Central Bistro is a contemporary American bistro with a focus on local, fresh, organic produce without the pretentious shenanigans.”  Wondering if Central Bistro & Bar are hiring? Check their Sirvo page!

LoHi SteakbarA great neighborhood hangout with delicious food and drinks. View their Sirvo page if you’re interested in joining their team.

Lola Mexican Fish House – “With food inspired by the coastal regions of Mexico and a bar named one of the Top Five Places to Drink Tequila in North America is the spot for serious eats and crafted cocktails”. LoHi has a great food scene and Lola would be a great job with a fun staff, so look into joining the team on Sirvo!

LingerLocated in an old mortuary, Linger is a unique establishment and offers some of the best patio views in the city! Edible Beats is a great company to work for with a lot of great concepts, view Sirvo to become their next great hire

Where to Live:

Check out B Street LoHi or the Vallejo Street Apartments if you’re looking to find a hip place to live.  


denver best places to eat and live

Though some might have forgotten, this is still one of the best neighborhoods in all of Denver. There are great brunch locations, shopping, coffee shops, restaurants, dive bars and all in walking distance of each other. One can spend an entire day roaming 17th Avenue and not be disappointed.

Where to Eat or Work:

Ace Eat and Serve “Inspired by the comfort foods and shop houses of Southeast Asia, Ace Eat Serve combines Asian-inspired cuisine with an expansive indoor/outdoor bar, year-round patio, and Denver’s only dedicated Ping-Pong hall”. Check Sirvo to see if Ace is hiring.

Beast + Bottle – “A rustic American restaurant serving hand-crafted cocktails, eclectic wines and responsibly sourced cuisine for dinner and weekend brunch”. Interested in working at B+B? Check their Sirvo page!

CopertaFrom the owners of Beast + Bottle, this uptown neighborhood Italian eatery is one of the hottest restaurants in town right now! New restaurants like Coperta are usually looking for fresh talent, view their open positions.

Masterpiece DeliThey are exactly who they say they are, a masterpiece. Look into possible job opportunities at one of the best places to work in town.

Steuben’s Food ServiceSome of the best comfort food you will find in the entire state. Check out their Sirvo page for current open positions!

 Where to Live:

“Urban Apartment Living” is what Cornerstone Apartments offer, there are three locations located in the Uptown neighborhood worth looking into.

West Wash Park & SoBo

denver best places to eat and live

This area of town has always been a Denver resident favorite. It has everything you want in a neighborhood, shops, restaurants, bars and a happening nightlife! There is such a great energy about this neighborhood, it’s easy to see why it is so popular. There are bike paths all around, a quick hop to the light rail station and of course Wash Park (the most beautiful park in the city).

Where to Eat or Work:

Atticus – “Atticus is comfort food, good friends, warm hospitality, laughter, and libations”. This neighborhood joint is a popular destination for residents and would be a great place to work as well!

Beatrice & WoodsleyOne of the most beautiful restaurants in Denver with some of the best food and service you will ever have. Getting a job here is an opportunity to say the least, head to their page on Sirvo.

Cho77SOBO’s and Denver’s best Asian street food neighborhood spot! Looking for a new job, check Cho77’s Sirvo listings.

The RosedaleFrom the owners of Atticus and located next door, this is a great place with delicious wings and burgers. Go on Sirvo to see their job listings.

Sushi DenA great destination to spend a wonderful evening with a group of friends or your significant other. We imagine working here is just as enjoyable as dining here would be!

Where to Live:

With almost 20 locations in this area to choose from, Cornerstone Apartments has plenty of options when deciding where to live in this thriving neighborhood!



denver best places to eat and live

We understand for a lot of people downtown Denver is too hectic, loud and crowded but that is exactly why we love it! If you are new to town and you want to be where all the action is, then work, eat and live in the epicenter of it all. Denver is alive and has a nightlife that competes with any other similar city out there. We have five major sports teams with year-round schedules, constant events and a great food and beverage scene. The best part of living downtown is that in ten minutes you are on the highway and within another thirty minutes you are in the mountains on your way to hike your next 14’er!!!

Where to Eat or Work:

TAGChef Troy Guard describes this concept of his as “Continental Social Food” and represents his journey as a chef and restaurateur. Check Sirvo for possible open positions.  

Osteria MarcoChef Frank Bonanno’s famed Denver Italian gathering place named after his youngest son. See what potential employment opportunities they might have here

JAX Fish House LoDo – “Jax Fish House LoDo has served FRESH and sustainable seafood to the masses that pack into this hot spot since 1996″. Go on Sirvo to see their latest job listings!

Snooze at Union StationThere are reason people wait in line to eat here, and it’s because it’s delicious. Snooze has a great reputation and is one of the most popular destinations to eat and work, head to their Sirvo page!

Where to Live:

If you are looking for a unique downtown location to live, Tamai Tower at Sakura Square.

Denver is on the rise and has been rapidly growing for the last couple of years. We have so much further to go, but we are on our way for sure! The rest of the country is looking to us as to how to take their own city to the next level. We have some of the best neighborhoods in the country to live with amazing options for leisure, dining and entertainment. We are the place to be right now!

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Why Confidence Is Key To A Successful Job Search

Why Confidence Is Key To A Successful Job Search

Confidence plays a huge role in the success of your job search – don’t underestimate its value. You could be sabotaging your success because of the way you feel about yourself.

Something to consider:

If you don’t believe in yourself or at least believe that you have something to offer, how can you expect someone else to believe in you during a job interview?

I just gave a presentation about the importance of trying to remain confident during the oftentimes unpleasant task of finding a job. The audience was interested in part because I’m so fascinating (that’s an example of crossing the line from confidence to arrogance, by the way – and something you DON’T want to do).

But I think the main reasons for audience interest were because most of us have felt shaky during our job search plus the research that’s now been done around the importance of confidence is compelling.

Olivia Fox Cabane is an executive coach who has written about and given presentations on the effects of negative thinking.

Research has shown that when you’re not feeling good about yourself your sympathetic nervous system is directly affected.

For those of us who’ve forgotten what this part of the body does (like me): that’s the system that’s in charge of “fight or flight.” In other words, your reaction could be “I’ll stay” versus “Get-me-out-of-here NOW.”

Self-doubt and self-criticism kill confidence.

And even more significantly, these feelings lead to a collapse of our sympathetic nervous system.  By collapse I mean you’re in the get-me-out-of-here mode. When this happens you can’t think straight, respond well, or listen well.

Imagine the effect that has on how you present yourself in a job interview. Not so great.

This is powerful information and shows the importance of doing whatever you can to feel good about yourself and avoid negative self-talk – especially just before a job interview.

If you don’t get this under control, you are sabotaging yourself. So here are three things you can work on to boost your confidence.

  1. Know your material backwards and forwards. For job seekers, be clear about the value you offer an employer. Then tailor your conversation during your interview to highlight the skills/experience you have that are most relevant to that employer. Practice what you will say during your interview. The more you practice, the more confident you will be, leading to a stronger interview.
  1. Don’t always believe what you think – it’s not necessarily right, and worse, if it’s a negative thought, you’rethe one who will suffer the consequences. Have you heard the expression about one’s mind being a bad neighborhood? Well, if it is, stay out of that neighborhood. It’s a powerful reminder that what you thinkothers think about you is not necessarily true.
  1. Practice your responses to dreaded topics. We all have dreaded topics – questions you hope won’t be asked in a job interview.  They can kill your confidence. These topics might be gaps in employment, the perception you’re over-qualified, too young or too old. Tackle these topics head-on in an interview. They must be addressed, not avoided. And the clearer you are about what you’re going to say (practice), the better you will feel and the more confident you will be.

In your next job search, as a part of your preparation, take stock of how you feel about yourself. Get clear about your value in the work world, practice presenting yourself, and ask yourself: “Do I deserve a good job?”

If you have the slightest hesitation, do what it takes to change this mindset. As a confident person, you will present yourself in a markedly different way, leading to a much greater chance of getting the job you want.

Source: ColoradoBiz