Job seekers are looking to the company brand more than ever to determine whether or not the job is the right one to fulfill their needs. Millennials even more than gen Xers and baby boomers, so it is imperative you convey your brand’s message clearly if you are trying to attract younger candidates.

Share your employee value proposition

This is a consistent message regarding what your restaurant or hospitality business can do for candidates as employees. And, with how competitive the hiring market is right now for restaurants and hospitality businesses, this is what will set you apart from others looking to hire from the same talent pool.

This is a consistent message regarding what your company can do for candidates as employees.

The best place to convey your company brand is in job listings because it’s essentially the point of sale when it comes to recruiting. For example, when creating a job listing on Sirvo, utilize the description section to convey a clear message that will resonate with candidates’ interests and needs.

Explain the benefits and perks of working for your company and even why your company receives high ratings from employees. Basically, include anything that shows the value employees experience.

Tell your story

Describe your values, workplace culture and what makes your restaurant unique in general. Engage candidates in the bigger picture of what your organization is trying to do beyond making a profit. Essentially, give them something that they can relate to.

Use your Sirvo company page to describe your company values and workplace culture.

These details should be everywhere – your website, physical location, social media, and hiring platform especially. On Sirvo, use your company page to this end. Describe your values and culture in the header description and upload photos that complement the story.

Treat candidates like customers

No matter what, your company brand should recognize professionals for their efforts when applying for your jobs. Candidates are volunteering their time to go through the process and currently have the power in this labor market. Make sure they feel appreciated and receive affirming communications throughout the process.

Don’t leave candidates in the dark when it comes to your hiring timeline.

One of the most frustrating aspects of applying for jobs is never hearing back from employers, and that’s why Sirvo has an in-app messaging hub – so that employers and candidates can easily communicate with one another throughout the hiring process.

From reviewing an application to scheduling an interview, don’t leave candidates in the dark. Let them know what to expect and how quickly you plan on making a decision… and follow through with your plan.

Make it a lifetime branding experience

From hiring to onboarding to performance management, employees need to experience a consistent company brand. Once you sell a candidate on what makes you great, you need to actually live it or they will just leave. Be clear about your vision and values and make sure they permeate every step of the process. 

Whatever you do, make sure you consistently apply the process for every prospective employee.

Ensure that you are evaluating how you are doing and collect feedback from your people about key parts of your culture. You can do many things to create a positive candidate experience and whatever that may be, make sure you consistently apply the process for every prospective employee.

By clearly defining and conveying your restaurant’s brand to job seekers, you will not only attract more qualified candidates but also find that retention is improved. To find out more about how Sirvo can help you share your company’s brand, click here.

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