With the new year upon us, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about what we want to accomplish in the next 12 months. And, that’s exactly why we’re kicking off our new project – 12 Months of Motivation. Each month, we’ll deliver a quote and a few key takeaways meant to inspire you and/or your staff to put your best foot forward, professionally speaking. Print it out, post it up and get the conversation started, whether it’s in your pre-shift meetings, break time or otherwise!

To kick off January’s theme of ‘What Motivates You’, we chose a quote from one of our very own that perfectly sums up what working in hospitality is all about. Dave Query, besides mentoring the Sirvo team, is a hard-hitting industry veteran who has most definitely “made it” in the culinary world. As an industry leader who knows his sh*t, Dave has a singular message about the driving force behind BigRedF, his widely successful restaurant group.

We’re not fueled by glam-celebs and building palaces to dine in but by hard-working and incredibly talented chefs, kitchen, floor, and bar crews putting it together nightly and making an undeniable statement. – Dave Query

This isn’t for show. If you know Dave, you know that the people – both customers and employees, alike – are at the root of his passion. And his passion is at the root of his success.

So, help your employees find their own success in the workplace by using this quote as a starting point to talk about their passions, motivations and work life in general.

Food for thought:

  • What motivates you at work? Is it money, the guest experience, career advancement? There’s no wrong answer here – the point is to be honest and use the answer to your advantage.
  • Why are you working where you are now? This shouldn’t be a hard question to answer and the reasons are the building blocks to your success.
  • What goals do you have for yourself at work? Is it learning new skills or selling a certain amount? How do these translate to the “undeniable statement” you’re helping to create?

Download PNG here | Download PDF here

Now it’s time to…print it out, post it up and get the conversation started, whether it’s in your pre-shift meetings, break time or otherwise! Snap a pic and tag Sirvo (@gosirvo) or use hashtag #Sirvo12 to get your team featured on Instagram!

Or do you have a quote that you use to motivate your team? Send it to us on social media @gosirvo or via email to [email protected] and we might just use it next month and write about your restaurant or establishment!

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