From time to time, you’ll have patrons come in to your bar who don’t know what they want. Actually, this will likely happen often. From couples on first dates to friends catching up, there are a plethora of moments where you’ll asked to suggest just the right cocktail for that particular patron. So, what are the best drinks for when this situation comes to pass. We’ve got them here!


One of the most popular drinks to order in America, you’ll want to have this on your suggestions list. It’s a simple yet refreshing classic, it’s a favorite for bar customers all over. Sure, it’s pretty common, but it’s also easily customizable so you can put your own creative twist on it: Frozen and fun? On the rocks and classy? Orange juice or a splash of grapefruit? Serve it your style.


Consider suggesting a Manhattan for your patrons who like whiskey (be sure to ask) and want a full-flavored drink to savor. You can then tailor it even more to the guest’s taste with the type of whiskey you use; go with a rye whiskey for a smoky, spicier flavor or a bourbon for a sweeter taste. It’s another classic that will do the trick for the right person.

Cucumber Basil Vodka

From one end of the cocktail spectrum to the other, this drink is light and refreshing, plus easy to sip on, making the cucumber basil vodka a tasty delight that will be sure to satisfy both regulars and infrequent drinkers alike. Suggesting a vodka drink is a smart move as it’s mild flavor is easy to mix. Try this tasty, but not too sweet or heavy, option next time a guest asks for a helping hand.


The mojito makes use of a light rum, which many drinkers enjoy. With its mint leaves and citrus flavors, it’s a sweet, enjoyable treat of a drink. Another very popular cocktail that is also easy to make your own. To mix it up, consider offering an infused mojito, with flavors of mango, coconut, grape, apple. The possibilities are endless!

Grapefruit Paloma

If you want to offer tequila but skip the margarita option in favor of a more nuanced drink, consider the suggesting a Grapefruit Paloma. The kick of tequila is cut by the addition of grapefruit, and with the balance of sugar and lime juice, the end result is a pleasingly tangy, yet smooth, cocktail. While this option is a unique twist on an old favorite, its varieties have become widely enjoyed and requested in bars all over, so you’ll be making a wise choice to suggest this one.

White Russian

Many of these options have a summery feel to them. However, if you’re bartending on a colder day and feel the need to suggest a heartier option, consider the popular White Russian. It offers the dessert-like taste of Kahlua, along with vodka and cream. Not a party-all-night drink, the White Russian is an excellent option for a first drink or for quick catch-ups, as it’s meant to be enjoyed fully, and can be filling (for a drink). It’s one of the most delicious and fun options you have, so consider it for patrons looking to indulge.

These six options cover your alcohols and list some of the nation’s favorite choices in drinks, but you can always add your own twists and additions as you serve. Remember to ask your patrons what type of drink they’re looking for, they’re general likes and dislikes,then offer up your best from there!