After years in the kitchen, many chefs find that they’re ready to try something else. Long hours slaving over a hot stove can start to wear on anyone after a while! Luckily, there are plenty of careers that will use your existing skills so that you can continue to develop your career and move outside the kitchen once and for all. These culinary careers will get you out of the kitchen and into new, fascinating areas of employment.

Food Critic

You know what it’s supposed to taste like. Now, get out there and see how other people are cooking it! Becoming a food critic is a great way to use your years in the kitchen to good advantage. From here on out, you get to eat the food instead of cooking it.

Food Stylist and/or Photographer

Do you delight in a plate that’s perfectly designed to be as appetizing as possible to your customers? If so, a career in food styling or photography could be the perfect move for you. Many restaurants want professional stylists and photographers to arrange their food perfectly for menu photos, advertisements, and more.

By becoming a restaurant consultant, you can work with a variety of restaurants to help them get their name off the ground and increase their customer base.

Research and Development Kitchen Worker

If you’re tired of slaving away in a restaurant, but don’t want to give up your place in the kitchen just yet, consider working in a research and development kitchen. In these locations, you’ll be the first to try new recipes, experiment with and develop new tools, and learn how to use great new foods in recipes that will entice everyone who tries them.


Chances are, you didn’t develop your culinary skills on your own – and there are plenty of young chefs out there who would benefit from your expertise. Consider taking your skills to the classroom, where you can share tips and tricks with future chefs who are hoping to someday be as successful as you’ve been.


Many restaurants fail simply because they don’t know how to do things properly. By becoming a restaurant consultant, you can work with a variety of restaurants to help them get their name off the ground, increase their customer base, and create fantastic dishes that will help set their restaurant apart. Consultants are able to control their hours, decrease their stress, and still enjoy that fast-paced restaurant atmosphere on a regular basis–the perfect combination for many chefs.

As a teacher, consider taking your skills to the classroom, where you can share tips and tricks with future chefs.


Love cooking up healthy food and finding great ways to incorporate healthy recipes into everyday meal plans? Becoming a nutritionist will allow you to get closer to your customers, develop relationships with them, and offer them the advice they need to live healthier lifestyles.

Restaurant Owner

Want to keep the restaurant life, but take it to a new level? Consider becoming a restaurant owner. You’ll be able to keep your hand in and cook a few meals when you like, shape the menu for yourself, and interact with customers more often. For many one-time chefs, it’s the best of all available worlds.

Food and Beverage Manager

In many hotels and other large establishments, someone has to control the food that moves in and out of the kitchen. Becoming a food and beverage manager will allow you to oversee this critical area without leaving you trapped in the kitchen every day.

If you’re looking for a change of pace, any of these great jobs will help open doors and allow you to further develop your career without the need to start over. Your experience as a chef will help prepare you for exciting new career opportunities that you never imagined possible. Whether you’re tired of cooking for other people, ready to give up the long hours, or simply want a change, there’s a new career move out there for you.

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