For a wide variety of reasons, many don’t consider restaurant work as a long-term option and hold the belief that it cannot translate into a career able to support oneself and family. But that is completely untrue. In fact, an entry-level restaurant job can be the beginnings of a viable and specialized career path in the restaurant industry.

The ‘hidden’ benefits

A recent Rutgers University study discovered that 40% of today’s college graduates are working jobs that don’t require the use of their degrees… and being a member of the restaurant floor staff is part of that ‘degree-less’ contingent that is often incorrectly categorized as unskilled.

But those working entry-level jobs in the restaurant industry, including graduates, can gain valuable knowledge and access great opportunities from these supposedly ‘low-level’ jobs.

  • The restaurant industry is the perfect place to hone universally applicable skills such as teamwork, time prioritization, and budgeting.
  • If you work in a restaurant that allows you to learn about other aspects of the job while you’re working on staff, you can grow laterally with the position, and get to know the restaurant business on a higher level, while earning money. Think of it as a paid internship of sorts!
  • An entry-level job in the industry can open the door to a variety of long-term career options. From management to operations to entrepreneurship, the options are endless and bountiful.

The key to moving up

According to those who utilized their restaurant experience to become professionally successful, the key is to do the following:

  • Always strive to be better. This will not only keep you engaged at work but also prevent boredom or burnout.
  • Transferable skills are the most important skills to have in the restaurant business. For example, you might not consider taking orders to be a transferable skill, but chances are you’ll someday be giving orders, so learn to do it right!
  • Finally, but certainly no less importantly, the best advice one can give in this circumstance is not to give up. Always try to be energetic and maintain a positive attitude.

How to get started

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