While Cooks and Chefs prepare the food and Servers serve it up, it’s up to Managers to ensure that the show runs smoothly. And it’s not just in the restaurant industry that they’re needed. Everyone needs to eat, and because of that, food service managers are a part of most industries, further increasing the number of management opportunities available to those looking. They are the conductors that keep all the moving parts working together and this integral role equates to some great perks, including a high paycheck and job security! Don’t worry, we’ve got the specifics.

Opportunities by Industry

The responsibilities and background of food service managers typically make them the highest paid professionals on the restaurant floor and food service industry in general according to figures from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

The average salary for food service managers is $53,640 per year ($25.79 per hour). The lowest paid 10 percent earn under $28,780 per year ($13.84 per hour) while those at the top can make more than $83,010 per year ($39.91 per hour).

When it comes to available positions, the best opportunities for food service managers are, of course, in restaurants and other eating places, where nearly 142,100 of these professionals are employed. Next comes special food services with 12,300 positions, followed by traveler accommodations with 9,020 jobs.

As for salary, it’s outside restaurant industry that you’ll get paid top dollar.

The industry paying the most for these professionals is insurance, where food service managers make an average of $94,330 per year to take care of in-house cafeterias and food service facilities.

Coming in second is the real estate industry, averaging $83,100 annually. Ranking third is healthcare, specifically specialty hospitals where the average annual salary runs at $82,120.

Opportunities by Location

California, the most populous state, comes in first in terms of necessity with 35,510 food service manager jobs. Texas, the second most populous state, has the second highest employment level at 12,010 jobs, followed by Tennessee, where 10,540 food service managers work.

When in comes to cities, the most opportunities are available in the Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Glendale, California area with 9,970 positions. Offering 5,130 jobs is the Chicago, Naperville, and Arlington Heights, Illinois, division, followed by Atlanta, Sandy Sprint, and Roswell, Georgia, with 4,630 managers.

The state with the highest pay for food service managers is New Jersey, averaging $71,440 per year. Delaware ranks a close second at an average of $71,130 annually. In third is Rhode Island at $69,000 yearly.

Among cities, Tallahassee, Florida tops the pay chart, averaging $84,050 per year, followed by the Atlantic City and Hammonton area in New Jersey where the average salary for food service managers is $80,930 yearly. In third is Wilmington, Delaware, and the surrounding metropolitan area in Maryland and New Jersey, at a mean $79,260 a year.


According to the BLS, food service manager positions is forecast to increase by 5 percent from 2014 to 2024, the reasons being a growing population and an improving economy: more people with more money to spend on eating out, food delivery, and takeout.

And, to meet this expected demand, more restaurants, catering services, and other food service establishments will open, requiring the expertise of managers to run efficiently.

Managers with many years of experience in the food service industry will have the best opportunities. As experienced managers leave the profession, the majority of job openings will be to replace these individuals, especially in upscale locations that pay higher salaries.

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