Denver is one of the best cities in the country to live right now. With a great restaurant scene and numerous events every week, there is a reason why we are #1! All that being said, the city is getting more and more expensive to live in. The rising cost of living can often stand in the way of truly enjoying everything this great city has to offer. With that in mind, we thought we’d offer a few suggestions on how to do Denver right. Let us present, Sirvo Says: How to Spend Less and Make More in Denver.

Drink cheaper

Alright, this is a no-brainer but we suggest taking advantage of all the great happy hours across town. The population boom has been both a curse and a blessing for many restaurants and bars in the area, with some seeing a rise or decline in sales due to more options. One thing is for sure though, they are all competing for your attention. Which means, some of the best value deals this city has ever seen! A lot of places have even extended their happy hour to start as early as 2pm or 3pm. Denverites like to do two things for sure, get out of the house and drink. So, if you’re gonna do it anyway, don’t break the bank.

Do things alone…

It’s great having a large group of friends, there is always something to do and someone to do it with. Sometimes this comes at a cost. For example, how many times have you gone to split the check and someone doesn’t even cover what they owe? Or that one roommate who always says “I’ll Venmo you”, but doesn’t even have the app downloaded on their phone? If you are truly looking to save money when enjoying this great city, do it alone. It will save you a lot in the long run and is the perfect way to show your true independence.

…Or with a friend

Okay, so not all of us are great by ourselves and it is kind of nice to have a partner in crime. But like just one! Having a roommate or someone to split a meal with makes things soooo much cheaper. This means that you can afford more things to do together like, concerts/festivals, events, going out to eat/drink, trips to the mountains etc. Unless you happen to choose a person who can never afford to do anything because then that’s on you. Literally.

Pay less rent

Finding a way to pay less in rent is the key to being able to experience Denver to it’s fullest. There are only a few issues with this though, one you don’t want to live in a slum and two you want to be IN THE CITY! Nothing wrong with the outer burbs (closer to the mountains), but many of us moved here to be around where it’s all happening. Plus it’s a cheaper Uber to the RiNo area than it is to Arvada.

Lucky for us, local groups like Cornerstone Apartments have income restricted units available at The Wheatley. The rent caps at $1202 (including all utilities) and the income is also capped at $44,900 for residents to qualify. Plus all new residents receive a Cornerstone Card that gives you discounts to local businesses. Check out their availability!

Work in the hospitality industry

Working in the hospitality industry allows for a work/life balance with a steady income and a non-conventional schedule. Plus, when you work for a lot of the hotel or restaurant groups that post on Sirvo you automatically get tapped into some of the best events this town has to offer. This is one of the fastest growing industries in the state/country and is quickly becoming a great place to start your career. Sirvo has a ton of great jobs across all professional spectrums. We love our city and we love having the time and the means at which to experience it.

Seriously though, Sirvo is the premier job board for the Colorado hospitality industry. We have the jobs and companies you are looking to work for. The hospitality industry is no longer just a temporary stop along the way to your “real” job, more often than not it is your “real” job and is the type of industry to take pride working in. We work hard, but we play hard too. Check out our job board and start applying today!

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