Sirvo Is The Latest ‘Tasty Startup’ on

Sirvo Is The Latest ‘Tasty Startup’ on

During the past few weeks, Sirvo has gained a lot of momentum: winning ‘Best New Startup‘ at Denver Beta, interviewed on 7News Denver, and spotlighted on The Beta List. And we couldn’t be more excited.

That is until we saw THIS AWESOME ENDORSEMENT from

“Sirvo is one of the few apps that I’m going to go along with saying could be a game changer.” – Keith Liles, Author

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Not only were we thrilled about the (surprise) acknowledgement but stoked that the concept behind Sirvo was understood and the need recognized.

In the article, Keith talks about the staffing conundrum from his own experience working in the service industry before becoming a journalist:

“Traditional advertising of positions, waiting for people to reply to classifieds, conducting interviews… what a joke. There’s no time for that. The show must go on night after night. There’s simply no time to spare.

With so much migrating and flux in the workforce, Sirvo could really make lives better for everyone by streamlining the hiring process.”

We think so too, Keith.

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Denver Ranked #1 Place For Business and Careers, and Sirvo is Proof

Denver Ranked #1 Place For Business and Careers, and Sirvo is Proof

Stephanie Maxwell talks Sirvo and what it’s like to start a business in Denver, named El Jefe onForbes list of Best Places for Business and Careers.

To get the inside info on what makes Denver’s business climate the best in the country, local news channel 7 visited Galvanize, a workspace for tech startups and home to Sirvo’s offices.

“I think what you’re seeing is today’s workforce is looking for places they can really blend work life and play. Denver is one of those places where you can do that,” said Ben Deda, Executive VP of Marketing and Business at Galvenize, a small business incubator in the city.

Another of those small businesses is Sirvo.

Founder Stephanie Maxwell created the business to connect service businesses with potential employees. Maxwell says many service businesses have high turnover rates and have trouble keeping their business staffed.

“I wanted to create a network for people to access jobs and I wanted to give businesses a very cheap and easy way to put their jobs online,” said Maxwell.

To read full article and watch the clip, click here.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Sirvo Wins ‘Best New Startup’ at Denver Beta

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Sirvo Wins ‘Best New Startup’ at Denver Beta

Meet the new app that beat out Techstars darlings to win it all.

DENVER, Colorado (Thursday, July 23rd, 2015) – Sirvo, a new hiring app is the latest in tech startups to win the title of ‘Best New Startup’ at the Denver Beta Inaugural Event last Thursday, July 16th, 2015 held at the new Galvanize Platte Street campus.

The event, sponsored by Galvanize (@galvanize), Rocky Mountain Patent (@rmpatent), Parkifi (@parkifi), The Quandary Group (@quandarygroup), FullContact (@fullcontactapp), Built In Colorado (@builtincolorado), Lyft (@lyft), and Softlayer (@softlayer), showcased 10 Colorado startups. Attendees were asked to check out live demos and speak with each showcasing team, then vote for their three favorite companies.

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Sirvo (@gosirvo) beat out nine other amazing Colorado startups including: Bold Betties (@boldbetties), SelfLender(@selflender), Revolar (@revolar), SQFT (@sqftx), LiveRowing (@liverowing), MyHub (@myhubapp), Echovo (@echovoapp), Ketsel (@Ketsel) and BluCar (@blucarapp).

“[Denver Beta] was our first demo event. We received great feedback and are incredibly thrilled with the results. At one point, there were so many people at our table that I had to stand on top of a chair to make sure everyone could hear what Sirvo was all about. It was awesome.” – Sirvo’s founder, Stephanie Maxwell said on Thursday.

Sirvo is a new hiring app aimed at helping companies in the service, hospitality and retail sector, who experience up to 70% turnover rate per year, manage their hiring workflow and talent acquisition. Many of these establishments still use Craigslist, open calls and walk-ins as their only resources to hire.

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More About Sirvo

Sirvo is a new professional network and recruitment platform for the service, hospitality, and retail industries.

Sirvo combines professional networking, jobs, and applicant tracking to streamline the hiring process from start to finish. In doing so, Sirvo is hoping to create a community for service industry professionals of all levels and leapfrog the industry into the modern age of connectivity. With just a click you can: apply to jobs, organize candidates, message members and more.

Sirvo is where you go to connect with your service industry peers, because whether you’re working, searching, hiring, or influencing within the industry, we’re all part of this dynamic community that is in need of a home base.” – Stephanie Maxwell, CEO & Founder

Sirvo is currently in beta and is free for all users for the time being. For more information and to sign up, visit or email us at [email protected].