Sirvo and The Colorado Restaurant Association Join Forces

Sirvo and The Colorado Restaurant Association Join Forces

The Colorado Restaurant Association becomes Sirvo affiliate to offer members a streamlined hiring process tailored to the foodservice industry.

DENVER, COLORADO – July 21, 2016 – Sirvo, the premier web app for hospitality and restaurant recruitment, today announced an alliance with the Colorado Restaurant Association, the leading trade organization for the Colorado foodservice industry. As affiliates, Sirvo and the CRA will join forces to meet the hiring needs of the foodservice industry.

Through the affiliation, Sirvo will be the official provider of the CRA job board granting members a streamlined approach to hiring in the foodservice industry. CRA members will not only be offered discounted member pricing on Sirvo’s platform but their job listings will also be posted on the CRA careers site as well as Sirvo and its partner networks for increased visibility and greater candidate reach.

“By unifying Sirvo’s technology with the CRA network, we have blended our strengths to offer food and beverage establishments across the state an easy and efficient process to hire great talent.” – Stephanie Maxwell, Sirvo CEO

For more information about Sirvo’s partnership with the CRA, click here.

About Sirvo

Sirvo, named Best New Startup 2015 is a modern web app for hospitality recruitment. Sirvo helps better connect employers and job seekers by providing easy access to business and talent profiles, powerful search, as well as collaborative hiring tools for a smooth, streamlined hiring process. For more information about Sirvo, visit

About Colorado Restaurant Association

Founded in 1933, the Colorado Restaurant Association (CRA) is the leading trade organization for the state’s dynamic foodservice industry. The CRA represents, educates and promotes an industry comprised of more than 10,800 eating and drinking establishments in Colorado.

Open Call Departure Restaurant Denver

Open Call Departure Restaurant Denver

Departure Restaurant, the newest concept from the Sage Restaurant Group, is now hiring for all positions and will be holding an open call this Friday, June 24th. Don’t miss your chance to join this thriving team!

Must come prepared with a copy of your resume.

Or apply ahead of time at

When & Where

Friday, June 24th 2016

11:00 am – 2:00pm

2817 E. 3rd Avenue

Denver, CO 80206

Now hiring for:

  • Restaurant Servers
  • Bussers
  • Runners
  • Bartenders
  • Hosts
  • Cooks
  • Dishwashers
  • Banquet Servers
  • Banquet Housemen

Sirvo Partners with

Sirvo Partners with

Launch of the Indeed integration provides diversified hiring channels for employers and job seekers in the restaurant, retail and hospitality industry.

DENVER, COLORADO – May 20, 2016 – Sirvo, a modern web app for hospitality recruitment, and Indeed, the leading job search engine, today announced the launch of an integration partnership that automatically publishes Sirvo job listings to the Indeed engine, providing employers with an expanded talent pool and job seekers with new employment opportunities.

The technology is integrated into Sirvo’s job creator tool, which seamlessly publishes job listings to the Indeed platform, requiring no additional action from Sirvo users. This partnership allows employers to simultaneously take advantage of Sirvo’s optimized hiring tools while engaging Indeed’s large user base that spans the country.

“Compared to many other industries, hiring managers in restaurants and hospitality have to hire twice as many people in half the time. They need digital tools and a way to engage job seekers on a broad scale. That’s why this partnership with Indeed makes so much sense.” – Stephanie Maxwell, Sirvo CEO

When a listing is clicked, job seekers are directed to Sirvo, where they can immediately apply for jobs online and communicate with employers at their convenience. Not only does this streamline the application process for industry professionals but also increases accessibility to industry influencers, decision-makers and opportunities.

“Unlike other job-finding sites that funnel listings IN, Sirvo only funnels them OUT. Thus, creating a curated job library for applicants with no risk of applying to the same job multiple times.” – Stephanie Maxwell, Sirvo CEO

With few technology-based hiring platforms, the restaurant, retail and hospitality industry maintains antiquated hiring practices that lead to wasted resources and high-turnover. From start to finish, the process is burdensome, requiring job seekers to physically search and apply for job openings and forcing employers to make hurried decisions that do not last.

Sirvo’s platform, including the Indeed integration, is introducing an all-digital hiring solution tailored for the service industry that is comprehensive, convenient and efficient.

For more information about Sirvo and its partner program, please contact [email protected].

About Sirvo

Sirvo, named Best New Startup 2015 is a modern web app for hospitality recruitment. Sirvo helps better connect employers and job seekers by providing easy access to business and talent profiles, powerful search, as well as collaborative hiring tools for a smooth, streamlined hiring process. For more information, visit

About Indeed

Indeed is the #1 job search engine in the world and allows job seekers to search millions of jobs on the web or mobile in over 50 countries and 28 languages. More than 180 million people each month search for jobs, post resumes, and research companies on Indeed. For more information, visit




Inside a Sushi Class at Izakaya Den

Inside a Sushi Class at Izakaya Den

Dining Out editor Maya Silver had the chance to sit down with Yasu Kizaki, one of the sushi masters behind nationally-renowned Sushi Den, to get the inside scoop on his SLICED! sushi classes and she definitely delivers the goods!

In 2015, Yasu taught 1,000 students how to roll temaki, tatemaki, uramaki, and nigiri, and this marks his 10th year spreading the sushi gospel. Yasu co-owns Izakaya DenSushi Den, and their newest venture, OTOTO, with his two brothers: Toshi, master chef; and Koichi who visits the fish market in Japan everyday to hand-select the fish that will arrive at his brothers’ restaurants less than 24 hours later.

sliced! sushi making class | Sirvo

The secret to the remarkable success of Yasu’s sushi classes lies in an epiphany he had after the very first one, which he dreamed up after a loyal customer asked him to think of a creative Christmas gift. After the inaugural lesson, Yasu asked his wife Elizabeth, who had sat in on the class, if she had enjoyed it.

“I love you, darling, but …” she began, which Yasu immediately knew was precursor to criticism. “I couldn’t believe how boring it was.”

Yasu was shocked. He had been so excited about the idea of turning his customers into sushi chefs, and now he felt disillusioned by his wife’s cutting honesty.

But then something made sense to him…

“I know!” he said during a revelatory shower. “I need to make fun of my customers.”

And the rest is, more or less, history. In the first year, he offered three classes and didn’t promote them at all, only letting people know about them if they asked. Eventually, he ramped up to one class per month, but when demand grew even more, he increased the classes to weekly. Now, he hosts everyone from mother-and-daughter pairs, to couples and groups of friends, to politicians and businesspersons entertaining their clients, to corporate staffs seeking team-building experiences and professional hackers. Yes, professional hackers love sushi, too.

Yasu draws a diverse audience for good reason. The two-and-a-half-hour experience is one you’ll never forget, and if you do want to learn how to make sushi, there’s simply no substitution for learning from a master in-person. Part sushi-themed stand-up comedy, part storytelling, and part instruction, the class goes by faster than you can say “sliced.”

A few of the things to know before going to one of Yasu’s classes include: It’s Yasu’s way or the highway, prepare to sweet-talk your roll and come hungry!

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DiningOut, Sirvo Debut Local Restaurant Job Postings

DiningOut, Sirvo Debut Local Restaurant Job Postings

We’re very excited to announce DiningOut as our new media partner! This partnership will allow us to provide our users with even more news and updates about the restaurant industry, and give DiningOut readers easy access to open jobs in the industry. With our new public API and WordPress plugin, all of Sirvo’s job postings are displayed and searchable directly on We think this is a double win for those looking for restaurant jobs in the Denver/Boulder area and businesses hiring on Sirvo.

As of Tuesday, March 1st, restaurant job postings based in the Denver-Boulder area appear on DiningOut’s site here:

We’re also collaborating with DiningOut to create more content for members of the industry, such as posts about the best local restaurant companies to work for, round-ups of awesome Denver restaurant jobs, and insider tips and tricks. Stay tuned for this content on our site under “IndiNews”

For more information, visit




About DiningOut

Since 1998, DiningOut has been bringing you the best of the Denver/Boulder culinary scene with stories, interviews, and recipes from the best restaurants in Denver, Boulder, and beyond. DiningOut publishes two issues annually in the winter and early summer, and tracks breaking news on its website ( daily.


About Sirvo

Sirvo, named “Best New Startup 2015,” is a modern web app for hospitality recruitment. Sirvo helps better connect employers and job seekers by providing easy access to business and talent profiles, powerful search, as well as collaborative hiring tools for a smooth, streamlined hiring process.



Bar Tabs: Dane Hatch, Lead Bartender at ViewHouse

Bar Tabs: Dane Hatch, Lead Bartender at ViewHouse

Working the bar at the ViewHouse, one of Downtown Denver’s most popular destinations no matter the time of day, takes serious skill, endurance, and personality. And Dane Hatch, their lead bartender, makes it look like a walk in the park, so we sat down with him to find out how he does it without breaking a sweat.

What first attracted you to bartending? Justin-Lawlor-TKD-1-Version-2-300x300
I had a roommate in Telluride who was a bartender and he always seemed to have too much fun! I love meeting new people so it was a perfect fit.

Where did you get your start?
A bar called Tracks Cafe & Bar in Telluride.

Did you ever go to bartending school?
I never went. It wasn’t required. I feel like bartending is a skill that just takes time behind the bar.

What was the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Always keep your head up and on a swivel. Always know what your next move is going to be.

Who do you look to for inspiration?
There is always going to be someone that’s better than you at certain tasks. I’ve tried to learn from everyone I’ve ever worked with.

What’s your least favorite drink to make?

Do you have any tricks you use to connect to customers or maximize your efficiency behind the bar?
Every guest is different, so I try to read the type of person they are and their mood when they sit down.

Do you have a signature cocktail? 
Definitely! It’s the ViewHouse Lemonade.


1 ¼ oz Sky Raspberry
1 oz lemon juice
1 oz simple syrup
4 raspberries

Serve over ice in a pint glass, then top it off with a splash of Sierra Mist.

When you go to a new bar or restaurant, do you ever look around for anything that lets you know they have their sh*t together?
Of course. It’s just habit at this point.

What are some of your favorite watering holes around town?
Gaslamp, Herbs, Retro Room.

Last but not least, what’s your favorite part of the job?
I’m the first person you see when you come into ViewHouse. I almost feel like the face of ViewHouse. I like meeting every person that walks through the door!

Dane Hatch, Lead Bartender at ViewHouse

Thanks Dane and everyone at the ViewHouse for this awesome interview!