It’s that time of year again; the gift-giving season is upon us. And while some have no trouble finding a perfect present, others may need a little assistance. So, to lend a helping hand, here are 20 gift ideas for the alcohol enthusiast. Whether it’s a taste for wine or liquor, knowledge or gadgets, we have them here.

1. Locally-Blown Whiskey and Wine Glasses


These whiskey and wine glasses, blown in Fort Collins, Colorado by Ben Belgrad, are great examples of hand-crafted love and attention. Belgrad, a Chicago-born glass-blower puts careful attention into each glass and offers individual glasses as well as full sets. Whiskey drinkers love having their designated whiskey glass, so give them what they love while supporting local art.

2. Reading Between the Wines by Terry Theise

Reading between the wines

Terry Theise’s “Reading Between the Wines” is a perfect gift for wine enthusiasts. This expansive yet accessible book reflects on the beauty of wine culture and the intricate, refined industry. These goes deep into the wine experience from tasting and pairing to cultivation and technique. “Reading Between the Wines” is a tribute to the elaborate, emotional connection that we have with wine and offers an in-depth look at how the industry has grown and blossomed.

3. Whiskey Stones

Whiskey Stones

Experience whiskey at its full potential. With these whiskey stones, made from Vermont soapstone, get the cool temperature in your bourbon, scotch or whiskey without diluting the taste. Simply freeze these cubes in your freezer and use them as you would ice cubes. The perfect gift for the whiskey aficionado.

4. Wine Pearls


For the white wine drinkers out there, enjoy your beverage without compromising the taste by watering it down with ice cubes. These wine pearls are a great addition to summer drinking experience. Freeze these stainless steel pearls in your freezer and use them to cool down your wine.

5. The Ultimate Bartender Tool

Bartender tool

Dazzle your friends and family at your next cocktail party with this ten-in-one, all-purpose bar tool. This Swiss Army knife of bartending tools includes a jigger, zester, muddler, strainer, channel knife, corkscrew, bottle opener, stirrer, reamer and bar knife. Have everything you need in the palm of your hand.

6. The Shot Flask


Discretion has never been so convenient in this portable flask with stow-away shot glass. Perfect for when you’re on the go, this flask is a handy way to measure your consumption. Take it camping or use it for your backyard barbecue.

7. Aerating Wine Glass


Decant your wine straight into your glass with this innovative self-aerating wine glass. Simply pour the wine right into your glass and let it do all the decanting for you. This new technology allows you to aerate the wine, as you would in a decanter, through the inner cell, releasing the aroma and tannin equally into your glass.

8. The Cocktail Chronicles: Navigating the Cocktail Renaissance with Jigger, Shaker & Glass by Paule Clarke

The Cocktail Chronicles

Paul Clarke, Editor of Imbibe, has nicely distilled a decade of accumulated knowledge to provide some 200 recipes along with snapshot-like essays about cocktail history and the evolution of the American bar. Cocktails covered range from the oft-quaffed (daiquiri, old-fashioned) to the newfangled (Chartreuse swizzle, Fort Washington flip), and will easily provide a year’s worth of exploration for those forging deeper into the thickets of bottles and bitters.

9. Beer of the Month Club


Give the gift of beer. The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club is one of many places to get this perfect gift for beer lovers. Buy your loved ones a subscription to the Beer of the Month Club and let them sample some of the best craft beers in circulation.

10. True Taste by Matt Kramer

True Taste - The Seven Essential Wine Words

A veteran columnist for the Wine Spectator, Kramer wants to establish fresh guidelines for assessing the quality and character of individual wines and to toss aside the two most common critical tools: the 100-point rating scale and the trusty array of fruit, vegetable and mineral wine descriptors. The better way to get at a wine’s attributes, Mr. Kramer argues, is via seven simple words: texture, insight, harmony, finesse, nuance, layers and surprise.

11. Beer Cap Map


So you think you’ve tried them all? Prove it. With this 50-state beer bottle cap map you can let your beer lovers prove their wide-ranging love of beer. Fill the map with a beer from each state and feel a strong sense of…accomplishment.

12. The Ultimate Bar Book by Mittie Hellmich


Perfect for the aspiring bartender, Mittie Hellmich’s book, “The Ultimate Bar Book”, contains over 1,000 cocktail recipes and techniques. From simple, everyday cocktails to old-time favorites, Hellmich covers everything you need to know to make all the important drinks. This in-depth look into bar knowledge and form will help anyone become a better bartender and hone their skills.

13. Beer Mustache


Add some character and hilarity to your drinking experience. These beer mustaches simply hook onto your beer and bring joy to you and whoever gets to watch you drink.

14. 101 Whiskeys to Try Before You Die by Ian Buxton


Whiskey enthusiasts unite over this beautifully written guide to some of the worlds best whiskies. Buxton’s book takes you on a global tour of some of the most famous and most interesting whiskey varieties while peppering in some new and rare brands that you may have overlooked. If whiskey is your game, this is your book.

15. Chalkboard Glasses


Never confuse your drink with someone else’s again. With the chalkboard glasses, easily etch your mark on your drink to ensure that you never forget which one is yours. Perfect for parties and narcissists, chalkboard glasses are a fun way to keep track of your drink and bring some added fun to drinking.

16. Kegerator


Nothing says “I love you” like a fridge full of beer, but a fridge that IS beer, that is above and beyond. The kegerator lets you joyfully express your love for beer with a built-in tap and easy-to-use filter system. Blow the minds of your loved ones with this ideal gift for the beer drinkers in your family.

17. Wall Bottle Opener


The wall bottle opener will ensure you always know where your bottle opener is. Perfect for your bar at home or wherever you do your drinking, the wall opener is a convenient way to add style and show your priorities.

18. Wine Cork Coasters

cork coaster

These creative coasters give you the perfect place to put your wine corks. Simply place the corks in the wood from and glue them down and you have a perfect set of usable coasters. Recycle all your favorite wine corks in a  simple and fun art project, making a perfect gift.

19. Whiskey Ice Cube Mold


Ever wonder where bars get those huge ice cubes for your Old Fashioned? Look no further with this simple big ice cube mold. Just fill it with water, toss it into your freezer and pop out the cubes for a better whiskey experience. The perfect gift for those post-work, wind-down drinks. Whether you’re drinking your whiskey on the rocks or mixing a drink, do it right using the whiskey cube mold.

20. Unique Beer Glasses

das boot

Pay homage to Oktoberfest with this boot-shaped beer glass. This playful and unique vessel will take you back to the beer gardens in Germany and prove your love for beer. Don’t forget to twist the glass at the end so you don’t splash.