The relationship between alcohol and consumers is not straightforward. In fact, it’s highly complex, dependent on variables upon variables many of which can’t be controlled. But what is straightforward is that the relationship is changing.

‘The Drinking Code’

The recently published report produced by media agency Maxus, investigates why, how and when people drink and what these changing patterns of behavior mean for the alcohol industry. It analyzed attitudes from 6,500 adults across Australia, China, Germany, India, the UK and the US, and the conclusions are pretty cool!

The Rules of Consumption are breaking

Although Maxus found that only 39% of consumers enjoy experimenting with different drinks compared to the 62% that stick to what they know, the alcohol industry as a whole is breaking away from its categorized nature.

Thanks to the rise of craft vendors, the inventiveness of mixologists, and the “new rituals and occasions” of consumers, the industry is diversifying on all fronts.

And Technology is giving a helping hand

As Maxus explains, “consumers are social,” often making drink choices based on social media experiences and what’s “trending” instead of the brand or alcohol type.

It’s easier than ever to share drinking experiences, access recipes and discover ingredients that bring alcohol consumption to a whole new level. Today, “drinks can truly act local and speak global.”

So what?

According to Maxus, it’s the start of something big:

“This is a new golden and cultural age for drink, a new world for liquor not seen since that pioneering time 150-200 years ago when all our now established brands formed, when Johnnie started walking, Dewar started rambling and Jack began filtering.”

And we love it!

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