Colorado loves hamburgers! This is no surprise due to our western background and the fact that the “Cheeseburger” was invented here in Denver by Louis Ballast at his Humpty Dumpty Drive-In once located on Speer and Federal back in 1935. With the Denver Burger Battle right around the corner, we figured we’d hop around town to see who we thought had the best burgers in town. While there were so many great options to choose from, this is the list of the top ten that tantalized our taste buds the most. 


1. Highland Tap and Burger

If you’re going to put the word “Burger” in the name of your restaurant, you better have a great hamburger and HT&B doesn’t disappoint. The most apparent and popular choice is the Shroom Luva: an all natural beef patty, sautéed mushroom blend, Emmenthaler cheese (a variety of Swiss) & white truffle aioli! Pair it with a Stone IPA and you will be full and overly content. This is a great neighborhood spot, with a great staff.

2. Cherry Cricket

The Cherry Cricket has probably made it on every top ten burger list since its inception in 1945. This place is a Denver classic and us natives cannot picture a future without it. With all of the options that have entered town, the Cherry Cricket continues to pack them in and that can be attributed to one thing mainly, their hamburger. It’s easy, start with your choice of meat (beef, bison, chicken, black bean & turkey) and start building. Ever had peanut butter on your burger before, do it here! Oh and the Stuffed Jalapeños for an appetizer aren’t too bad either! P.S. If you’re looking for a job, check out Cherry Cricket’s page on Sirvo to see if they’re hiring.

3. Park Burger

With five Park Burger locations across town, this three time reigning Denver Burger Battle champion isn’t hard to find! While The Royale and the El Chilango are fan favorites, we like The Scarpone: ⅓ beef patty, provolone, crispy pancetta giardiniera & a truffle garlic aioli. Chef Jean-Philippe Failyau has brought elements of his fine dining background and fused that together with a casual burger joint. Great beer selection, atmosphere and concept make this place a legit option.

4. Meadowlark Kitchen

Located in RiNo, which is wrapped in Five Points, resides a hip and delicious establishment run by co-owners Casey Karns and Chef Joshua Bitz. Meadowlark Kitchen is not a burger place, but it has one of the most amazing burgers you will ever have simply called The Meadowlark Burger. Are you ready? It’s a cheddar sauce, candied bacon, an onion ring, poached egg, jalapeño confit all on a house made brioche bun. It’s marvelous and big and worth every bite.

5. TAG Burger Bar

Chef Troy Guard is one of the most recognizable names in the city and has been a major influence on Denver’s food scene. When you’re this big of a name, it makes sense that TAG Burger Bar’s best burgers is called Godzilla. This 2014 Denver Burger Battle People’s Choice Award winner is unlike any burger you will ever have, teriyaki sauce, shiitake mushrooms, butter lettuce, crispy tempura & smoked kewpi. Do it, and see if they’re hiring on the Tag Restaurant Group page on Sirvo

6. Steuben’s Food Service

Ladies and gentlemen…Steuben’s famous Green Chili Cheeseburger: a six ounce beef patty, covered with roasted Anaheim chilies, American cheese on a toasted challah bun. This burger has made it on almost every top ten burger list created and has been recognized by some national media outfits as well. Chef Brandon Biederman and Owner Josh Wolkon have provided this city and state with some of the best comfort food in town for the last ten years. Is it an elevated cuisine? Not necessarily, it’s comfort food done right. With all the buzz around their new location in Arvada, don’t forget about the original Steuben’s located in the uptown neighborhood where it all started. And, if you’re in need of a gig, why not check out the Steuben’s page on Sirvo to see their open jobs!

7. Acorn

One of, if not, the best restaurants in town ran by one of the best chefs in town. Chef Steven Redzikowski is becoming a household name with all of the accolades his two restaurants (OAK on 14th in Boulder) have received. Acorn’s Oak Grilled Double Cheeseburger (only on lunch menu) does not disappoint, harissa aioli, Gruyere a side of tater tots and you might as well add either an egg, fried pickle, avocado, bacon or maybe add all of them! Acorn is the place you bring friends or family who is visiting from out of town or where you take that date you are trying to impress, just so you know. Plus, their staff is great so if you’re ready for something new professionally, see if Acorn is hiring on their Sirvo page.

8. The Royal

A family friendly joint in a family friendly neighborhood (Berkeley). The Royal is where to take the kids to get some burgers and floats on a Saturday afternoon. An excellent staff provides you a timely and entertaining experience that will make you want to return every week. We suggest The Royal Jelly: a beef patty with honey-sweetened Habanero jelly, cream cheese, Bib Lettuce, sliced tomato. The Royal is the sister restaurant to Jelly (one of Cap Hill’s best brunch spots) and has been a wonderful addition to the fast growing Tennyson Street food scene.

9. West End Tavern

Since 1987, the West End Tavern has been serving some of the best BBQ in Boulder. We suggest starting with the Skillet Cornbread with a whipped honey butter and then for our main course we get the Double Double: a bacon double cheeseburger, smoky mayo, lettuce, tomato & onion. Wash it down with a Ron Burgundy: bulletin bourbon, Leopold Bros Tart Cherry Liqueur, bitters and a house-soaked bourbon cherry. The keywords here were honey, butter, cheeseburger, bourbon. You stay classy Denver and see if West End Tavern is hiring on Sirvo.

10. Larkburger

“One of these things ain’t like the other”, no it is not. Denver is one of the originators of the fast casual scene (ever heard of place called Chipotle?) and it would be a disservice to not include that type of concept on this list. Well that and the food at Larkburger is really good. What do we like best? The Tuna Burger: four ounce sushi grade Ahi tuna steak with wasabi ginger sauce, cilantro, marinated Tamari-miso served in a warm brioche bun. Best thing about this type of place, it doesn’t take forever to get your food and it has a sleek design that compete with most. It’s simply a great, local gourmet burger.

Clearly there are more than ten burger options to choose from in this great city of ours, but these are the one’s we like a lot. Now it’s time for you to check them out, we promise you won’t be let down!

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