Do you want a chance to step outside of your comfort zone? Hit the road and go somewhere that is on your bucket list. Travel is the best way to challenge yourself to try new things. One of the most important factors to consider when going to a new location is where are you going to eat. Don’t stay with your fellow tourists, rather eat with the locals. Use these tips for how to find local restaurants when traveling.

Use Personal Connections

Before you travel to a new destination, check with friends, family, and coworkers who have been to the same destination. Ask them what the local food scene is like and if they have any suggestions.

Try and get insider tips.

Try and get insider tips. For instance, how is the street food? What are the prices like in restaurants that are down side streets? What are some of the most popular restaurants for locals?

Do Your Research

The internet is your best friend when you are traveling. Check different travel websites before you leave. Do the same on the internet at your hotel. If a restaurant sounds interesting, check the reviews for it. Do not be afraid to try places that don’t have any reviews listed.

Do not be afraid to try places that don’t have any reviews listed.

Look for local deals and see if you qualify for the offer. Sometimes these offers are available to travelers especially if the location is new and trying to grow their customer base.

Walk around the non-tourist parts of town when you arrive. If a restaurant seems appealing, walk in and try it.

Brush up on the Local Language

When traveling outside of the country, it is important to understand the local customs and culture. One of the most important parts of the local culture is understanding the language.

Make sure you know how to read and speak key phrases. Some food related ones to know are: excuse me, what do you recommend? Where do you like to eat? What is in this dish?

These phrases along with basic manners will help you blend in a bit more.

These phrases along with basic manners will help you blend in a bit more. Making an attempt at a new language will get you in the good graces of locals, once you make the attempt many will switch to English if they know it.

Be Prepared to Expand Your Palette

Travel is an exciting escape from the everyday grind. It is the perfect time to try new dishes. Experiment as often as you can because you probably won’t be able to taste these dishes when you’re are back at home.

Take a risk and try something new.

Don’t be afraid. The worst that could happen when trying new flavors is that you don’t like it! So take a risk and try something new. However, if you know you have an allergy or sensitivity use caution.

Chat People Up

Ask the people at the hotel where they eat. Let them know you do not want to eat where typical travelers eat. If you are looking for a specific type of food let them know so they can narrow their choices down.

If you are traveling overseas, this includes talking to the flight attendants when you get the chance. There is a good chance they will have some recommendations especially if you are flying on one of their regular routes.

Do not be afraid to talk with people on the street. If something smells good and a local is walking by the location, ask them about it.

Ask the people at the hotel where they eat.

Ask the servers where they eat if you want future meal ideas. Talk to the people in tour centers as you pick up your tickets. Ask them where they eat for all meals.

While the primary goal is to find positive food experiences, take to heart any local opinions on places to avoid.

No matter if you are traveling for business or pleasure, use these tips to expand your food knowledge. Know your limits though and if you have any allergies or sensitivities, make sure you inquire what is in with the dishes that you want to try. Happy eating!

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