With its gorgeous landscape, wonderful mix of cultures, and unique attractions, Denver, Colorado is one of the most popular destinations for adventure-seekers and those just looking for a break from the norm. Not only does Denver have plenty to offer in the way of good food, scenery, and fun things to do, it’s also a haven for sports fanatics due to all the big-league teams in and around the city. For outdoorsy travelers and those who seek a bit of beauty and refreshing change, Denver is the perfect destination. Read on to find out more about the best ways to have a unique trip to the Centennial State.

1. See the town on a bike

Many people in Denver forgo a car in favor of the much more efficient bicycle, and if you don’t happen to have one with you, the city provideth. There are Denver B-Cycle stations everywhere, and you can rent a bike for a minimal fee (30 minutes or less is free!). There are also several options for guided bike tours, some of which include brewery stops! Check out some of the best here.

2. Take in some oddities

A visit to the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls, and Toys will be fun for the whole family, but make sure you check out the permanent displays, like Chuck’s Circus, which features 4,000 tiny painted figurines, animals, and a complete freak show.

2. Eat some sopapillas

It wouldn’t be a visit to Denver without going to the motherland, Casa Bonita. This Denver favorite made famous by South Park is one of the most nostalgic locations for locals. The 40-year old establishment boasts cliff divers, an arcade, and world famous sopapillas that people of all ages can enjoy.

3. Live like Scrooge McDuck

Ever wanted to see a pile of money so big you could swim in it? Head to the Denver Money Museum, where you’ll find that and more.

4. Snooze, an A.M. Eatery

If you’re a morning person–or decidedly not a morning person but love breakfast foods–head to Snooze, where you can get a giant stack of sweet potato pancakes complete with caramel, pecans, and ginger butter. If you’re looking for something more savory, try the chilaquiles benedict, tortillas filled with ranchero sauce, cheese, barbacoa beef, and poached eggs. This restaurant is more than your average breakfast diner and will leave you full and satisfied.

5. Experience the Alfred Packer Memorial

In Littleton Cemetery lies the body of Alfred Packer, who made the trip from Utah with fifteen friends during the gold rush and ended up stranded in a snowstorm so intense he had to eat his traveling companions to stay alive. He made it, only to be sentenced to forty years for manslaughter.

6. Visit Stephen King’s inspiration for The Shining

Horror lover? You’re in luck, because just a short drive out of the city will take you to Estes Park, where the Stanley Hotel stands. The gorgeous site is the very same where Stephen King stayed many years ago and was inspired to write The Shining, and, like the setting in the book, the hotel is known for a bevy of ghostly goings on.

Come to Denver with a sense of adventure and leave your stresses behind. This beautiful, mountainous area will leave you feeling well-rested and fulfilled–at least until the next trip.

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