Airline food can be hit or miss nowadays. And with sky high prices (pun intended), making a good choice is necessary. Here to help are the top foods on 9 major airlines chosen by the professionals that also know the airplane as their office.

United Airlines Thai tilapia fillet with shrimp

“I think the Thai-style fillet of tilapia with shrimp is the best thing we serve. It’s good for a late evening meal because it’s not too heavy. You want something light on a later flight.” – Sondra Dickens, flight attendant

Virgin America bibimbap

“With our latest menu update, it’s hard to choose a favorite dish, but our Korean vegetarian rice bibimbap is definitely high on my list with its big, bold flavors. The bibimbap is a hot bowl of fresh vegetables marinated in ginger, garlic, red chili, lemongrass, and coconut milk served on hot steamed rice and finished with a Korean red chili BBQ sauce and a soft-poached egg.” – Mariella Guadarrama, inflight team leader

JetBlue sea scallops

“When customers on the plane hear we have seafood options, they are generally leery. But in our Mint Experience we offered a hot sea scallop entree with a blackberry Sauternes sauce and foie gras mousse and it was to die for. JetBlue truly brought the freshest seafood I’ve had on a plane.” – John Stripling, inflight onboard lead

American Airlines four-cheese pasta

“My favorite food we serve, and a definite favorite of our customers, is the four-cheese pasta with a cream sauce. It’s served in the main cabin on flights to and from South America. This pasta stays moist even in the ultra-dry air of the cabins, and it’s creamy and delicious.” – Scott Bowie, international flight attendant

Southwest Airlines Ritz Cheese Crackers

“I always like it when honey-roasted peanuts are back onboard, which happens in January every few years — and this is our year. But after 19 years of flying, I’m peanutted out. On longer flights we offer free snacks such as 100-Calorie Lorna Doones, 100-Calorie Ritz Snack Mix, and Ritz Cheese Crackers. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but you can’t go wrong with cheese crackers.” – Troy Ford, flight attendant

Delta Airlines chicken pot pie and quinoa wraps

“Traveling for a living presents a constant quest for comfort food and healthy food options. Chef Hopkins’ chicken pot pie and the Luvo quinoa wraps are delicious and meet both criteria when I’m flying.” – Julie Pearson, flight attendant

Hawaiian Airlines Loco Moco

“I’ve been a flight attendant with Hawaiian Airlines for nearly 17 years. My favorite dish is our famous Loco Moco, featuring a hamburger patty topped with a sunny side-up egg smothered in gravy, all over hot white rice. Everyone who has been to Hawaii has tried the Loco Moco at least once because it’s truly an island favorite and one of the most popular dishes in Hawaii. As a destination carrier, we are proud to be able to offer island-inspired meals like the Loco Moco on our planes because it’s one of many ways we entice our guests with the sights, sounds, and tastes of Hawaii from the moment they board our aircraft.” – Mapuana Faulkner, flight attendant

Air Canada falafel wrap

“I settle for a healthy option. From the Air Canada Café menu, I go for the falafel wrap — you get a whole-wheat wrap packed with falafel, red peppers, baby spinach, tzatziki, and red onions. On the side, I grab some fresh hummus and pretzels as well as some Vitamin Water. I never have that heavy-food feeling at the end.” – George Dias, onboard sales resource, service director, and inflight safety and service

Allegiant Air Wingz Kids Snack Pack

“My favorite menu item Allegiant offers is the Wingz Kids Snack Pack. I love the Oreos and Jelly Jets, plus $1 from every pack sold goes directly to Make-A-Wish!” – Kathleen W., flight attendant
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