Welcome to the inside track on how to best use Sirvo to get hired. Don’t worry, it’s not rocket science and it won’t take much effort at all. Just a few tricks of the trade that will increase your chances of finding that great job that you’ve been looking for!

Upload eye-catching photos

While there are several ways to distinguish your profile from others’, one of the most effective is to include unique profile and cover photos that showcase your personality. If you are a chef who is passionate about food, use a photo of a dish you created and want to show off. Perhaps you are an adventurous individual and enjoy rock climbing, diving or hiking, then add photos that highlight those interests.

Not everything on your profile has to be industry related; it should be a well-rounded representation of who you are.

Not everything you do on your profile has to be industry related; the employers on Sirvo are looking for those who will fit in well within their company’s culture. And, isn’t that what you’re looking for too? You want to find a job with a team you’ll jibe with and at a company that supports who you are. This is the whole point behind profiles and business pages; to help provide more insight into culture and personality so that you find a great job that you love!

Sure, experience in the industry is important, but it’s not everything. Employers want to hire unique individuals who will add an interesting dynamic to their teams.

Pro-tip: To further highlight your personality, complete the interests section on your profile. Having a common interest with the person who may hire you can be very beneficial.

Speaking of experience…

Yes, one can simply list their past experience within the industry and leave it at that. Or, you can choose to go into more depth about your previous positions and explain exactly how you contributed and what you learned in the process. The latter will definitely do more for you in the long run because it shows employers that you not only take pride in your work but you’re also passionate about what you do.

Don’t limit yourself by only including a few past jobs.

Also, don’t limit yourself by only including a few past jobs. Restaurant and hotel managers aren’t just looking to fill the positions they have listed, they are often looking for candidates that may one day ascend to mid to upper-level management positions, HR positions and marketing positions.

Use the experience section to highlight why you are best the candidate for the position for which you are applying and also for the position that could quite easily jump-start your career.

Pro-tip: Including your job title in the profile header as well as completing the skills and certifications sections can help you get recruited by employers via candidate search.

Utilize our search features

New jobs are posted daily, which means that more tenured posts move further down the list, but you can easily hone in on the type of position you’re looking for by using a keyword. Whether that’s a specific job title, restaurant section (like FOH or BOH) or shift, your search results will appear in seconds!

Maybe you already have a decent job, which you’d only leave for a position at certain company or concept that you’ve been wanting to work for. Easy! Simply toggle the Search Companies tab, type in that company’s name and head to their business page to see all of their open listings.

If you’ve had your eye on a certain company and you’re just looking for a way to get your foot in the door, this the perfect tool to take advantage of.

Sirvo was designed so that both employers AND job seekers can throw out the big net.

Apply to more than one position

The more jobs you apply for, the higher the chances are that you’ll get hired. This is a competitive market right now and there are many qualified candidates these days who are applying for the same positions you are. It’s possible (and even probable) that someone got to the punch before you did. Or, maybe you weren’t the right fit. Whatever the reason, one application may not do the trick.

The great thing about Sirvo is that it was designed so that both employers AND job seekers can throw out the big net; your profile makes it fast and easy to apply for several positions at once and, if you’ve uploaded a resume, Sirvo saves it so you don’t have to keep attaching it to every application.

The point is that it doesn’t hurt to apply to as many positions as possible even if they aren’t exactly what you are looking for. The industry is suffering from a 70% turnover rate, which means there is always the opportunity for upward mobility. You never know when that Barback position may turn into the Bartending position you were originally gunning for.

Unlike other hiring platforms, anyone can start a conversation on Sirvo, including you!

Message employers directly

Unlike other hiring platforms, anyone can start a conversation on Sirvo, including you! Perhaps you have questions about the position or simply want to send a message expressing gratitude for consideration. No matter the subject, this is a great way to separate yourself from the pack.

When the opportunity arises, just click Send Message from the company’s page and reach out with any questions or comments. All business pages on Sirvo are managed by those responsible for interviewing and hiring, so your message will be read. Whether or not it stands out is on you.

Sirvo is a great resource for anyone looking for a job within the hospitality industry. We have all kinds of job listings, from entry level to management, with some of the most renowned companies in town. Thanks to the partnerships we’ve formed with the Colorado Restaurant Association (over 4,000 members) and EatDenver (Denver’s Independent Restaurant Network), we have the inside scoop on Denver’s best jobs!

Click on either link above to see open listings from partner members specifically or head to our job board to see all of our listings and start applying today.

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