Facebook is the great gathering place. People spend a lot of time scrolling through their favorite pages and interacting with everyone on their feeds. This is a great opportunity for your restaurant to reach new customers and keep past customers. People are far more likely to eat somewhere that they feel a connection to, and it keeps your brand in people’s minds. The best part, from a marketing point of view, is that you can write one post and have it spread to millions of viewers. Your restaurant’s name can get out there for very cheap this way.

The trick is to make Facebook work for you. After all, no media platform will do you any good if no one reads your work. Here are the basics of getting your page on everyone’s ‘like’ list.

1. Post Frequently

A page that hasn’t had any activity for a long time will lose even dedicated followers. Plus, Facebook’s algorithm puts the pages of recently visited sites on readers’ feeds. If you want your customers to have your posts on their feed, you have to post something new at least once a week. What should you post?

  • Milestones, no matter how small. “We’ve had our 1000th customer today.” “We’ve been open a whole decade now.”
  • Deals that you offer exclusively through your Facebook page. This will get people to hit up your page regularly. You can give discounts to people who ‘like’ your page, or announce 2-for-1 drink deals only on your page.
  • Specials of The Days, with attention given to seasonal items in particular. If you have unusual specialties, post about them.
  • Back of the House photos such as your top chef posing with his knives. Just ask Hollywood how much people love behind-the-scene peeks.

2. Use Facebook Insights

Facebook provides a regular rundown, called Facebook Insights, of the people who are visiting your page. This gives you a lot of data about who you are reaching, which can let you refine your posts and advertisements. Read the demographics carefully and see where you can better match your clientele.

3. Link To Other Social Media

Do you have a Twitter account? Any other type of media account? You can boost the number of people reaching your page by having tabs for your other social media accounts on your Facebook page. It also gives customers a better sense of your corporate culture.

4. Link To Other Pages And Businesses

On a related note, post about and link to related content and businesses. For instance, if you do business with a local farm and the farm has a website, write a post about them and link to their website. Link to their Facebook page, while you are at it. This gives you a better chance of getting the attention of people in your target demographic.

5. Upload Videos

Videos show up well on people’s timelines, and they give you a lot of flexibility to showcase your restaurant. You can post videos of behind-the-scenes footage, talk up your Soup of The Day, or discuss your philosophy as portrayed in your menu.

6. Keep Your Information Updated

Perhaps this goes without saying, but while you post regularly, be sure that your business information is accurate. It’s easy to forget that your contact information, hours of operation, and other important points are listed on your Facebook page, but it can be one of the first ways customers get such information. Keep your business info the same across all outlets.

A good Facebook page can boost your marketing, and restaurants can use all the help they can get in this world. Use these tips to maximize the help you get out of Facebook.

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