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Our Features

Business Pages


Businesses on Sirvo have business pages where information and current openings are listed. A business’s page is essentially their hosted careers site; the page, as well as the job listings, are accessible to the public, so both users and non-users can discover open positions.

This helps companies increase their reach to job seekers. Businesses can easily advertise their open jobs on the web and social media by sharing their page’s link, and professionals can click on a job to get more information. This means businesses don’t have to worry about their jobs getting buried under an ever-growing list of more recent postings.

Multi-Location and Multi-Admin Functionality

Once a business page is created, the owner can invite additional administrators to help manage the page. Admins can do everything that the owner can besides grant admin privileges. This includes publishing and archiving job listings, reviewing applications, using the applicant tracking system, and messaging. So, whether hiring is done collaboratively or by expertise, it can be a team effort with Sirvo.

Sirvo allows users to create multiple business pages, which is ideal for businesses with several locations. By simply creating a page for each location, businesses are able to delegate hiring responsibilities, post jobs according to location, and give job seekers easy access to location information.

Applicant Tracking System






The application process, from applying to reviewing applications, is hassle-free on Sirvo. Job seekers apply in-app with professional profiles that include photos, work history, skills, and interests. Once submitted, applications are delivered straight to the applicant tracking system inbox and sorted by job listing, keeping them organized. Page admins can then review applications and sort candidates based on whether or not they’re in the running.

The ATS not only helps businesses manage applications but also makes it easy to hone in on the most qualified candidates so that when it’s time to make the call on who to hire, there’s confidence that it’s the right choice.


Sirvo also provides a messaging hub to centralize communication. Each business page has its own message inbox accessible by all page admins from which messages can be sent and received. This gives employers and job seekers an easy way to get in touch with each other, whether it’s an invitation to interview or a question about a job listing while keeping everyone on the hiring team in the loop.

Added benefits of joining Sirvo

At Sirvo, we know that an easier hiring process is only half the battle. Businesses that are hiring also need to engage job seekers on a broader level. That’s why we send out our e-newsletters advertising your open positions, continually share your openings across our social channels and even post jobs to Craiglist at no additional cost to you!

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What people are saying:

“We have had success with applicants that have applied for all of our positions. Since Sirvo is new and hip I feel like it attracts people that are more on brand with our company than other staffing services available.” – Paulina Szafranski, Lotus Concepts

“It’s so convenient!!” – James G., Sirvo User

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