It’s official: Women Who Launch was a success! Michael Kilcoyne, the panel’s MC, did a spectacular job, asking a variety of relevant questions. The panelists, Stephanie Maxwell (@gosirvo), Jenna Walker (@artifactuprising), and Amy Baglan (@meetmindful), were in kind, sharing insight and experiences from their unique perspectives.

The highlights included discussing work-life balance, or “congruence” as Jenna calls it. Each of these women have had to conquer their own challenges to achieve zen: for Stephanie, it’s the small but no less important things, like eating and exercising, that she had to learn how to put first; Jenna didn’t want to sacrifice being a mom, so even though it meant less sleep, she woke up early to get work done so she could fit in school drop-offs and pick-ups; Amy has discovered that the key to maintaining her balance is mindfulness and meditation.

When it came to handling the strong emotions that go along with the stress of founding a tech company, each woman had a different take. Stephanie sets her emotions aside with her team because that’s how she’s most effective as a manager, while Jenna does the opposite, sharing that she “threw a fit” the week before as an example, because she’s found that she’s at her best when there’s no pretense. Amy falls somewhere in the middle, but highlighted the importance of having a second opinion when emotions run high by telling the audience about an email mishap that involved a dick pic. We all got a good laugh out of that!

All in all, it was great discussion about what it means to be a female founder in the tech industry.

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