The service industry employs 30.7 million people nationwide. That’s 1 in every 10! And, since the service industry is the “fastest growing sector in terms of the number of people employed”, that’s a stat that’s on the rise.

But there’s a problem that’s also on the rise: recruiting and hiring employees within the service industry.

Open calls, social networks, and large job boards such as Craigslist just aren’t cutting it.

Job seekers apply to countless numbers of job listings without the chance to gather more information about the job or business to see if it’s a quality fit for them. And there’s no good way to tell if a job is an opportunity or a dead end when you’re looking at an ad on Facebook.

Employers and hiring managers are spending their time sifting through piles of paper just to find a suitable candidate when they should be spending time considering job seekers who are qualified for the position in terms of skills, experience, and culture fit.

And it’s a waste of time and money for both sides, because although these methods are great in terms of quantity, they don’t do much when it comes to quality.

Sirvo is the solution.

Sirvo is a recruitment platform for the service industry. Connecting employers, professionals, and job seekers.

Professionals that are looking for a job (or something on the side) create profiles that not only show off their professional accomplishments but also their shining personality. Can you say the same about (literally) one-dimensional, paper resumes? Doubt it.

Businesses create company profiles and job listings in a matter of minutes. Full-time or event staff, managers or promo models, in a pinch or ongoing – we’ve got you covered. You can even close job listings, then reuse them later. All for a fraction of the cost of traditional hiring channels.

By combining social, jobs, and streamlining the application process, Sirvo is leapfrogging the industry into the modern age of connectivity. With just a click: apply to jobs, organize candidates, message members, and more. Sirvo does the busy work, so you can get back to what matters.

“Sirvo is where you go to connect with your service industry peers, because whether you’re working, searching, hiring, or influencing within the industry, we’re all part of this dynamic community that is in need of a home base.”

Interested in our beginning? Check us out at to sign up for beta.