The more you can sell to any one customer or party, the more money you make off of the table. Seems like simple math, right? In order to properly convince your customers that they need to make more expensive choices, however, you need to avoid annoying them with constant attempts to upsell. Here are the basics so you can hit the ground running with your upselling game.

Make It Natural

The best servers don’t let customers know that they’re trying to increase their sales. Instead, they make an offer that sounds perfectly natural for each stage of the meal.

When you first comes to the table, for example, you might start off, not by asking if the customer would like to enjoy an appetizer or if you can take their drink order, but by suggesting a particular appetizer that is on special or has been receiving special attention.

The best servers don’t let customers know that they’re trying to increase their sales.

When the suggestions are part of the conversation, customers are less likely to realize that they’re being upsold, and more likely to take you up on the offer.

Make It Tempting

Every time you suggest that a customer purchase something that they weren’t already planning to buy, from an appetizer to dessert, you should make it tempting.

Suggesting that it’s your favorite dish or describing the dish in detail is a great way to tempt customers and convince them that they need to try it. Describing the perfect after-dinner coffee or suggesting a great drink to go with the meal is another excellent tactic for tempting customers to add on an extra purchase.

Be Specific

So, you know those customers who come in and order right away? Well, it’s likely that they’ve decided that they are going to skip the appetizer, dessert and maybe even drinks altogether, and just get an entree, period. These customers are tricky to upsell because they already have an idea in their minds.

Suggesting a specific item is a great way to add to the temptation.

However, suggesting a specific item is a great way to add to the temptation and maybe even get them to bite. By describing a dish or drink in detail, you help to create a picture in the customer’s head, which may entice them to get more than they originally intended. Plus, you’ll come off looking like a pro!

Show Enthusiasm

Customers are more likely to be intrigued by a special offering if there is an indication that it just cannot be missed. Showing a little extra enthusiasm can be exactly that – a sign that this is a must have. You’ll sell much more if you’re excited about what you’re selling rather than acting indifferent.

Don’t underestimate the power of a positive nature when it comes to convincing customers to try something new!

Read the Customer

Some customers are more likely to take a server’s suggestion than others.  A customer who is in a hurry or who is short with you and doesn’t want to engage in conversation is unlikely to be convinced by upselling techniques.

Continued pressure can result in lower sales or even a dissatisfied customer.

In this case, continued pressure can result in lower sales or even a dissatisfied customer who is unlikely to return to the restaurant. It’s important you learn how to read the restaurant’s customers so that you can determine when a tactic is effective and when you need to give up in order to preserve the customer experience.

Upselling is a tactic used by most salespeople. In a restaurant, it’s the job of the server to convince customers that they want to add a little extra onto their meal, from an appetizer or dessert to an after-dinner drink or two. By learning how to effectively upsell, you can increase your profit, as well as the restaurant’s, on a regular basis.

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