Job Listing Checklist

Use Sirvo’s job listing checklist to make sure you covered all your bases and made a great job listing that will attract top restaurant and hospitality talent!

Introduction / Job Description

Explanation of business and mission statement

Description of work culture and atmosphere

Overview of job position and expectations

Qualities and traits desired in candidates

Direct and extended team dynamics

Opportunities for career development and advancement

Duties & Responsibilities

Clear and complete explanations

Day-to-day job responsibilities

One-off duties

Highlight any irregular responsibilities

Specific shifts/hours if applicable


List all physical demands

Required certifications

Specifics about training and/or experience

Language requirements

Pre-screenings such as drug tests, background checks, etc.


Knowledge of specific programs or systems (Ex. Aloha)

Desired (not necessarily required) certifications, training

Interpersonal traits

Reading/writing/math skills

Desired work style (team-oriented versus independent)


Include at least one benefit of working for your company


Shift meal/drink


Growth opportunities

Custom Question

A question or two that is revealing in terms of work style, goals, personality, etc

Specify if a cover letter is required

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